TecnoCampus students and graduates have participated for the first time in Motorcycle student, the international motorcycling competition for college students. Under the name Bytemaster TecnoCampus Racing Team, the team competed from 15 to 18 July at MotorLand in Aragon and managed to climb to tenth place in the world and fourth in Spain.

The company Bytemaster and TecnoCampus are the two sponsors of this initiative promoted by students and graduates of different degrees of the TecnoCampus, a sponsorship that is part of the institution's commitment to fostering collaboration between the university and the company. The official presentation of the team and the motorcycle took place on Monday 12 July in the Auditorium of the TecnoCampus, and was attended by the founding partners of Bytemaster, Salvador Monill and Xavier Camps; the mayor of Mataró and president of the TecnoCampus Foundation, David Bote; the team of students leading the project; and about sixty attendees.



The team is made up of graduates Miquel Giménez (Mechanical Engineering and Electronic Engineering), David Giménez and Júlia Camats (AdE and Innovation Management and Marketing), David Domingo (Mechanical Engineering), Cristpher Martin (Electronic Engineering), Daniel Navarro ( Computer Engineering and Video Games), Octavi Colom (Logistics and Maritime Business); and students Josep Casals (Mechanical Engineering and Electronic Engineering), José Keirsbilck (Mechanical Engineering), and Victòria Poyatos and Vanessa Lastra (AdE and Innovation Management and Marketing).

All teams have competed with a prototype moto3 with KTM 250cc engine, with the great added challenge that each team had to design and manufacture from scratch each of the rest of the motorcycle parts. In this sense, the bike has been tailor-made for Sergi Sánchez, the amateur rider who has competed as a Bytemaster TecnoCampus Racing Team rider. The team has also had the technical collaboration of different professionals and companies: Alejandro Rosales, of PitPro; Juanma, of ArianeTech; Perales Angel, of Welding Perales Techniques; Enric Carmona, Ridocar, and Xavier, from Blaze Racing.


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