Last Friday, November 16, the TecnoCampus presented the scholarships that several companies in the region award to students of the Master's Degree in Entrepreneurship and Innovation, an official master's degree taught by the Maresme University School and sponsored by Caixa Laietana.

Although this is the first edition of the master's degree, companies have relied on the training of the TecnoCampus as the total amount of scholarships is 75.600 euros. 

The list of scholarships awarded by companies and scholarship students is as follows:

Caixa Laietana: 4 scholarships of 5.000 euros
Scholarship students: Marta Artero Prats, Aida El Attar Vilalta, Danielle Moscariello, and Carles Jané Cendrós.

Procter & Gamble: 1 scholarship of 10.000 euros
Scholarship student: Àlex Mallol Coll.

Bioiberica: 1 scholarship of 8.000 euros
Scholarship student: Eric Teruel Casajuana.

University Business Scholarships (Bóboli, Finques Pous, KBeiersdorf, Conservas Dani): 4 scholarships of 4.200 euros
Scholarship students: Branko Sekulic, Enric Puiggalí, Sergi Serrano, Santiago Pérez.

TechnoCampus: 1 scholarship of 5.000 euros and 1 scholarship of 5.800 euros
Scholarship students: Branko Sekulic, Ester Ballana Guix.

In addition, a scholarship of 10.000 euros was given to the raffle held on the Day of the Entrepreneur, which corresponded to Carolina Gómez.


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