Addressed to emerging companies, spin-offs, micro-SMEs and SMEs that want to learn about, start or consolidate in the use of these technologies.

The TecnoCampus opens a series of programs and services so that companies and start-ups can adopt additive manufacturing technology as a vector of competitiveness and innovation, within the framework of ThinkIn 3D, the new TecnoCampus additive manufacturing accelerator.

This project has transfer services, support and technological, operational and business training by experts. A customized roadmap will be drawn up for each company according to its needs; either to test, experiment, create tooling, develop new products, find solutions in your production chain or create new business models based on 3D printing. The programs and services offered are tailored to the needs of each company:

  • High entrepreneurial and technological performance: aimed at start-ups or companies that want to transform their business through this technology. Technology Acceleration in FA: aimed at SMEs and micro-SMEs that want to address a challenge or the solution to a problem from an operations and technology perspective.
  • Technological services: aimed at micro, small and medium-sized companies that want to start up, experiment or that need support in the adoption of this technology.

    Support will also be given in the internationalization and access to financing of the participating companies.

    ThinkIn 3D will have a space of 700m2 that will be inaugurated soon and will have a TechLab equipped with state-of-the-art 3D printers, with a 'T-shape' logic: specialization in the health sector and coverage for any need that can have a company from any other field. A unique opportunity for SMEs, micro-SMEs and start-ups, who during this 2023 will be able to immerse themselves in the world of additive manufacturing thanks to funding from the Incyde Foundation and Mataró City Council.


Conversation with Ivan M. Lacamara, television and film composer, in the Audiovisual Media degree


First prize in the Textography 2023 competition for Marc Bonet, fourth-year student of the Audiovisual Media degree