Special discounts for TCM students and workers and affiliated companies.

The Paradise sports center, located right in front of the TecnoCampus Mataró-Maresme park (el Rengle), offers special discounts for TCM students and employees of companies affiliated to the TCM.

Those who register before September 30 will get the free registration (and a 50% discount if they do so after that date).

Also, they will get one discount on the monthly fee, depending on the time slot chosen: a 25% discount if you choose the limited ticket from 7 am to 16 pm and a 15% discount for the all-day ticket.

The Paradise sports center has 650 m2 of fitness, Aerobics, Steps, toning, Bosu, Stretching, Yoga, Taichi, Pilates, self-defense, Taekwondo, kick boxing, a room with a boxing ring, and a spectacular spinning room with 60 bicycles. It also has 2 heated swimming pools. To relax, it has a spa with beds, hydromassage seats, cervical waterfalls, steam bath, sauna, Scottish and bithermal shower and jacuzzis.

It also has a beauty and hairdressing center, a bar-restaurant, a nursery, a personal trainer and a car park.

Find out more at 93 741 49 87.


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