The employer has recently opened a new headquarters in the park to expand the delegation.

The mayor and president of the TecnoCampus, David Bote; the president of PIMEC Maresme-Barcelonès Nord, John Pear; and the general director of TecnoCampus, Josep Lluís Checa, have signed today a collaboration agreement between the entities whose objective is iencourage the competitiveness and consolidation of the economic activity of the city and the business world in general, as well as active cooperation in the development of topics of common interest and continuing to improve the use of available resources.

This act was carried out at new headquarters that PIMEC occupies in the spaces of the park, which triples the space it had since, in 2011, the employer opened an office in the park to install the delegation of Maresme and Barcelonès Nord. The signatory entities have committed to organize and execute activities related to the generation, management, transfer and dissemination of knowledge in the business field that may be of interest to all companies and professionals in the territory, such as, for example, conferences on current issues in the business world.

The modality of this collaboration is also defined by the disclosure and dissemination among its groups of relevant information on programs, services, activities and training actions, such as programs related to educational cooperation agreements, programs of research and transfer of knowledge from the University to the company, information, support, advice or financing programs for companies, whether managed and executed jointly or not, and which are of interest to the companies of the territory

The agreement also involves promoting the resources that both entities have (conference center, training services, services to companies with advantages and specific offers). pthe president of PIMEC Maresme-Barcelonès Nord, Joan Pera, the agreement signed today "reinforces PIMEC's ​​will to raise awareness and work so that the economic policy is designed to favor the development of SMEs and the self-employed, the main business fabric of Catalonia, since they represent more than 99,8% of all companies, 70% of employment and 65% of our country's GDP". The mayor and president of the TecnoCampus, David Bote, emphasized that "one of the key elements of the park is to enhance the productive fabric and bringing the business world closer to the University, elements that are also key in the agreement signed today". The general director of the TecnoCampus, Josep Lluís Checa, has emphasized the importance of joint work between the two entities.


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