The Sant Pau hospital hosted the presentation of the book on Thursday, March 30 55 years of cooperative banking, Caixa d'Enginyers, a history of the future, written by Eloi Serrano, director of the Social Economy Department at TecnoCampus, and UB professor Yolanda Blasco.

The book covers the entity's trajectory since its creation and also tries to identify the distinguishing features of this type of entity. The book is the result of the collaboration of Caixa d'Enginyers and the Chair of Social Economy.

The event took place around a round table, moderated by journalist Ramón Pellicer, where the role of cooperative banking and its contribution to the social and responsible economy was debated. Joan Cavallé, director general of Caixa d'Enginyers, took part; Nina Schindler, CEO of EACB (European Association of Cooperative Banks); Cristina Freijanes, secretary general of UNACC; the two authors of the book; Álvaro López, director general of the Treasury and Financial Policy of the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Digital Transformation; and Josep Maria Sánchez Pascual, director general of Financial Policy, Insurance and Treasury, and the president of Caixa d'Enginyers, Felix Masjuan.


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