The teacher Marcos Faundez, full professor and coordinator of the consolidated research group Signal and Data Processing, of the Department of Technology, gave the research seminar "Securing Communication Channels: Watermarking Innovation for the Digital Age" on December 20 at the Telecommunications Technology Center of Catalonia (CTTC).

This research seminar, which was attended by about 30 researchers from the technology center, had as its objective address the potential applications of watermarking in the field of communications, particularly in the context of digital media and data transmission. And one of the challenges related to the advancement of artificial intelligence is being able to distinguish human-generated content from artificially generated content.

In this sense, the use of watermarks presents a possible solution to have systems that can identify AI-generated content from human-generated content and thus be able to verify the authenticity of news articles, social media posts and others online content. 

His research areas are in the fields of biometrics applied to security and health. He currently has more than 200 published articles indexed in impact journals, more than 100 conferences, numerous published books and has recently been recognized in the "World's Top 2% Scientist List" ranking of Stanford University as one of the most influential researchers in the world in all areas of knowledge.


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