The Formula Student Spain (FSS) is an international university championship that every year invites more than 600 universities from all over the world to present, design, manufacture and develop small single-seater racing cars. Organized by the Society of Automotive Technicians (STA), it has the support of several national institutions and companies in the automotive sector. The TecnoCampus participates with the team TCM MotorSports – TecnoCampus Formula Student Team.

This competition is an educational project that allows engineering students and other degrees to be part of a real professional experience. Formula Student represents a master's degree at a higher level in the automotive sector. Thanks to the competition, the students manage to apply the knowledge they have acquired in practical situations and learn new skills through their actions.

In addition, the Formula Student provides real experience in the design, construction and negotiations that are common in the automotive industry. Likewise, it also teaches students to work in a team, under pressure and with strict deadlines, but at the same time with freedom and flexibility, so that students can express their creativity and ingenuity.

The TecnoCampus MotorSports team (TCM MotorSports) emerged as part of a student's desire to create new horizons. "We came out of almost two years of constant quarantines, with many dead hours at home and a lack of goals, so we set ourselves the task of creating something new," explains Team-Leader and Sponsor Manager Marc García-Penche Chacón . "There were several ideas that came up these days, the proposals related to aerospace engineering initially dominated the debate, but then we discovered the existence of the Student Formula, which presented itself as an opportunity to give place to this creative task. at the same time that we integrated the TecnoCampus community into this", he adds.

"Thanks to the amount ofacademic offers offered by the TecnoCampus, we can count on people from many of the degrees," says García-Penche. "We are currently 65 students from 8 different grades", he comments. Specifically, the students who participate in the project belong to the Degree in Mechanical Engineering, Degree in Industrial and Automatic Electronic Engineering, Degree in Industrial Organization Engineering, Degree in IT Management and Information Systems Engineering, Degree in Administration Administration Companies and Innovation Management, Degree in Audiovisual Media, Degree in Marketing and Digital Communities and the Degree in Logistics and Maritime Business. "Each student contributes the knowledge of their degree to the project, making it a unique and multidisciplinary project," he concludes.



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