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Submission of applications to date:


Teaching and Research Staff (PDI)

Place defense / Interview

Selection process to cover 1 position of permanent teaching and research staff (PDI), full-time (30 ECTS) in the following field of knowledge:



  • Design and teaching of subjects in the field of knowledge described.
  • Elaboration of the teaching guide and the learning plan for different subjects in the field of knowledge described.
  • Own functions of the Teaching and Research Staff of TecnoCampus.
  • Participation in the institution's own tasks as a permanent PDI.


  • Be in possession of a doctoral degree (you must provide a doctoral degree or a receipt for payment of the degree).
  • Have a favorable accreditation report from a university quality agency (AQU/ANECA) (You must specify this clearly in the CV and provide the scanned document).
  • Applicants must possess a level of Catalan that ensures the competence of the teaching staff to participate appropriately and correctly in the communicative situations required by the academic tasks, so that the linguistic rights of the students are guaranteed, as provided for in decree 128/ 2010, of 14 September, on the accreditation of the linguistic knowledge of the teaching staff of the universities of the university system of Catalonia. At the time of signing the contract, the chosen candidate can choose between the accreditation of the knowledge or the postponement of this accreditation for a period of two years.


The CV of people who meet the essential requirements, that is to say, the admitted candidates, will be evaluated. All the merits that are defended must be properly specified in the CV, providing relevant evidence where appropriate. The maximum score will be 60 points.


  • University teaching experience in teaching subjects in the required field of knowledge (this must be clearly specified in the CV and will be proven by means of a teaching certificate issued by the university where it was carried out). Max. 30 points 
  • Experience in Research (it must be specified clearly in the CV: Letter of recommendation from a recognized researcher and/or documentary proof of recognition of six years of research by a university quality agency (AQU/ANECA).  Max. 15 points 
  • Participation in teaching innovation projects (this must be specified clearly in the CV and a certificate of participation signed by the head of the teaching innovation project/director of the center where the project has been developed must be presented). Max. 10 points 
  • Other merits. The selection committee may assess other elements of the curriculum that it considers a contribution to the candidate's profile. Max. 5 points 



Those who exceed 40 points in the CV evaluation phase and evaluation of the previous relationship with TecnoCampus will be invited to present/defend the position. The maximum score will be 40 points.


In this presentation - defense of a place before the court of the selection committee, the candidate must:


  • Present your professional, academic and scientific career (10 minutes). Max. 15 points
  • Teach a reduced master class on a topic related to the field of knowledge that is the subject of this call. The candidate can use audiovisual support to teach the class. (max. 20 minutes). Max. 25 points
  • Answer the question and answer session of the Selection Committee (10 minutes).



  • Employment contract as a full-time permanent teacher (30 ECTS).
  • Morning and afternoon hours
  • Incorporation in the 2024-2025 academic year



  • Ad Post: 22/4/2024
  • Submission of applications to date: 13/5/2024
  • Forecast publication list of those admitted and excluded from participation: between 14/5/2024 and 24/5/2024
  • Evaluation of the candidates accepted by the selection committee from the last week of May 2024. Finalist candidates who proceed to the presentation-defense phase will be notified from the date of the email interview/presentation.


For any incident you can contact 
The reference number of the call must be identified in the subject: S13_2024_PDI_PERM_M

Provisional list of admitted and excluded

Publication date: 27/5/2024. The provisional list becomes final on 4/6/2024.

Square defense

Date of publication 25/6/2024.