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Administration and Services Staff (PAS)

Provisional list of admitted / excluded

Given the need to cover the site of GASTRONOMIC LABORATORY TECHNICIAN depending on the health department of the University Center of the TecnoCampus Foundation, the current selection process for Administration and Services Personnel is being announced. 


  • Set up the space and establish the protocols for the maintenance of the culinary laboratory-classroom together with the PDI responsible for the gastronomic laboratory. 
  • Provide technical support to the PDI in the planning of teaching in the gastronomic laboratory and in the development of the activities planned in the classroom-laboratory. 
  • Carry out the maintenance and ensure the food supply of the gastronomic laboratory. 
  • Configure the storage of products and materials of the gastronomic laboratory. 
  • Carry out stock control and food conditions, expiration dates, storage temperatures, etc. 
  • Monitor and control external suppliers of resources and materials for the gastronomic laboratory. 
  • Detect needs and solve incidents in relation to the gastronomic laboratory. 
  • Monitor service quality and user satisfaction indicators. 
  • And, in general, all those of a similar nature that are attributed to him 


  • Higher degree, professional or similar training cycle or its equivalent in accordance with current educational legislation. (It must be certified with the official qualification or payment slip of the official qualification). 

Only the CV of people who meet the essential requirements and who have therefore been admitted to participation will be assessed. The selection committee will assess the merits of the candidates presented based on the following scoring scales, which will be able to obtain a maximum score of 115 points

a) Curricular assessment (up to 60 points)

  • Higher degree training course in PROCESSES AND QUALITY IN THE FOOD INDUSTRY; DIETETICS; COOKING AND GASTRONOMY; KITCHEN MANAGEMENT or RESTAURANT SERVICES MANAGEMENT professional training, similar or its equivalent in accordance with current educational legislation. (It must be certified with the official qualification or payment slip of the official qualification). Max. 10 points. 
  • Complementary training and/or technical knowledge of development, characterization and prototyping of food products, food technology, digital management and management of gastronomic laboratory equipment, sustainable gastroculture, transformation, design and development of new materials applied to catering, cooking, nutrition, and conservation techniques applied to the food industry. (This must be certified with the official qualification or payment slip of the official qualification and/or specifying in detail the technical knowledge). Max. 10 points. 
  • Minimum experience of 2 years in the required functions, especially in related aspects in the management of gastronomic laboratories or professional kitchens. (It is necessary to specify this in the CV workplace and main activities carried out in each company). Max. 25 points. 
  • Accredit at least B1 level of English in accordance with the MECR certificates and diplomas table. (You must provide a certificate, diploma or the Pearson Test of English online). Max. 5 points. 
  • Proficiency level (C1) in Catalan. (The certificate or title must be provided). Max. 5 points 
  • Other merits. The committee may assess other elements of the curriculum that it deems appropriate. Max. 5 points. 

b) Prior contractual relationship with TecnoCampus (up to 15 points). 

c) Personal interview (up to 40 points) 
Only candidates who have passed 40 points in the CV assessment phase + previous contractual relationship with Tecnocampus will be invited to an interview. 


  • Indefinite part-time employment with the prospect of immediate incorporation. 
  • The professional group is Technician category B2 according to the current labor agreement. Basic salary of €26.795 gross per year for a full day. 
  • 18,75 hours a week. 
  • 28 days of vacation per full year. 
  • Possibility of flexible remuneration. 
  • Social benefits. 


  • Ad Post: 10 / 5 / 2024.  
  • Submission of applications until: 2/6/2024  - Deadline extended until 16/6/2024.
  • Estimated publication of the provisional list of those admitted and excluded from participation: between 3/6/2024 and 6/6/2024  - between 17/6/2024 and 20/6/2024.
  • Evaluation of the admitted candidates by the selection committee: from 12/6/2024 - 1/07/2024. Candidates who make it to the interview stage will be notified of the date of the interview by email and/or phone. 

For any incident you can contact The reference number of the call must be identified in the subject: S20_2024_PAS_TEC_ALIM. 

IMPORTANT NOTE: Qualifications and academic merits that are not accompanied by appropriate documentary evidence will not be taken into account for their assessment. Fundació TecnoCampus reserves the right to request references from the companies mentioned in the CV's during the curricular assessment phase.