• Title: Physiotherapy
  • Duration: 4 courses organized by quarters
  • Study load: 240 ECTS credits
  • Format: Face-to-face
  • Timetable: Morning (08:00-14:00)
  • Run by: School of Health Sciences
  • Titulació: Universitat Pompeu Fabra
  • Fees: Check out the cost and financing options for the study program at the following link (Fees and financing)
  • Access: Find out about the different access routes and how to complete the university pre-registration process (Access)
  • Places: 20
  • Languages: Catalan, spanish and English
  • Minimum score: 9,358 (19/20)

The Degree in Physiotherapy of the Higher School of Health Sciences of the TecnoCampus has obtained in 2015 the favorable verification by the Agency for the Quality of the University System of Catalonia (AQU). The verification is the favorable evaluation of the syllabus by the official evaluation agencies.

With this recognition, the titles of the school guarantee the quality of teaching in accordance with the standard set by the Agency for all universities.

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The Degree in Physiotherapy of the Higher School of Health Sciences of TecnoCampus Mataró-Maresme (ESCST), responds to the growing demand for territorial interest to incorporate a higher education degree that links physical activity as therapy and as an element of promotion of the general health of the individual.

It offers a 4-year academic program with a total of 240 ECTS, with a solid training coherence and an attractive professional offer focused on health. The curriculum designed focuses on the student and his / her teaching-learning process with an extensive program of external practices and theoretical-practical classes.

The Practicum of Physiotherapy (40 ECTS) takes place between the 3rd and 4th year of the Degree, where the student will perform a clinical rotation by the best Sanitary Institutions of the Maresme and neighborhoods.

From the 1st course will be the theoretical-practical subjects that will allow the student to acquire the necessary skills to develop the profession.

The theoretical and theoretical-practical classes will be carried out with a diversification of teaching methodologies and a continuous evaluation that will allow the student to take an active role during their training.

It is committed to a high quality training, both human and professional.


  • 1
    Links with the employment market

    Thanks to the experience of the teaching team, the learning contents and activities are highly focused on equipping the students with the tools they need and enhancing their employability.

    The Employment Exchange helps students to join the professional world. This tool enables you to put the knowledge that you have acquired into practice, with either an internship or employment contract.

  • 2

    TecnoCampus has agreements in place with the leading healthcare and sporting institutions in the region. Moreover, our close links to the business community enable us to give students access to internships to consolidate their knowledge in a real professional environment. Each year, more than 700 students take part in the internship program in over 1,500 partner companies.

  • 3
    Health, sport and quality of life

    The Bachelor Degree gives students the opportunity to gain specialist training in healthcare and quality of life enhancement.

  • 4
    Two mentions

    - International mention in sports physiotherapy

    Mention of entrepreneurship

  • 5
    Professional internships

    The tutor-student ratio is 1 to 1.

  • 6
    Integrated languages


    Classes in Catalan, Spanish and English integrated into different disciplines of the degree.

  • 7
    Research and lifelong learning

    The Advanced College of Health Sciences gives students the chance to enter the world of research and take lifelong training in the field of Physiotherapy and constant adaptation throughout their professional lives, after completing the Bachelor Degree program.

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