The Transparency Portal of the Tecnocampus Mataró-Maresme Foundation aims to facilitate access to the most relevant information in accordance with the legislation on transparency, so that everyone can know how it works, strategic decision-making or the retention of accounts for all actions it takes, among others.

This Portal aims to bring the Foundation closer to all people and to be a tool for progress as an institution and to facilitate access to all the information that may be of interest. For this reason we encourage you to participate by providing information, comments or suggestions through the Transparency Portal Mailbox.

Institutional Organisation

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Incidents and suggestions

In the event that you have not found information on the Transparency Portal on any subject that you think would be useful to publish or in the event that you have found any incident by browsing the Portal, you can send us your suggestions by e-mail.

Participation channels and ongoing participatory procedures

There are currently no ongoing participatory procedures.