IAESTE is an international student exchange organisation for professional experience abroad.

The objectives of IAESTE are:

  • Facilitate participating students to do internships in foreign countries.
  • Connect students with foreign companies
  • Provide university students with international practical experience.
  • Culturally enrich students and their host communities.

Participating students can do internships for a minimum period of 6 weeks and a maximum of 12 months. 

IAESTE is made up of committees that represent more than 80 countries, who have exchanged more than 350.000 students, about 7.000 a year.

At TecnoCampus, the IAESTE program is led by the IAESTE student committee.

If you want to participate in the program and be able to enjoy an internship abroad, do not hesitate to contact us!


  • How does it work?

    Download here the presentation of the IAESTE TecnoCampus program:


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