Antena TrenLab Awards presentation

The first edition of the Antena TrenLab Awards came about as part of an agreement between Renfe, the Mataró City Council and the TecnoCampus Mataró-Maresme Foundation. This agreement aims to establish the first node in a network of “antennas”, which specialise in developing mobility solutions and technology.

The idea behind Antena TrenLab Awards is to promote territorial innovation in sustainable mobility, focusing on railway services. 4 entrepreneurial projects will be chosen annually to participate in a 6-month acceleration programme. It also includes the chance to try out the solution in the Mataró-Maresme area.

Challenges and prize allocation

With a global endowment of €150.000, four annual awards will be offered to entrepreneurial projects that provide ideas and solutions to improve mobility, especially at the local level.  

The selected projects will be innovative, technological, and sustainable proposals of new mobility services or those which have a positive impact on existing ones, including the transporteation of both passengers and goods. 


The 4 challenges you can apply for:  

There are three challenges dedicated to solving existing operational challenges within the State railway company Renfe / Rodalies Renfe. The fourth challenge is devoted to ideas to disrupt the market. 


"Smart Railway Station"

Operational Challenge

The objective is to promote technological solutions in commuter stations, offering our customers more valuable information about their journeys.

Prize: €40.000

Customer happiness

Operational Challenge

We are looking for startups to help us to act quicker on customer feedback, implementing actual business improvements that will have positive impact on day-to-day operations.

Prize: €40.000


Operational Challenge

We seek to introduce 3D printing technology for adoption in the rail sector as a competitive and sustainable alternative to traditional manufacturing methods.

Prize: €40.000

Keep it Open!

Disruptive Challenge

We are looking for disruptive startups that develop solutions not yet widely implemented in the railway sector based on new technologies (metaverse, virtual reality, robotics etc.) or trends (quantum computing, drones, etc.) among others.

Prize: €30.000

Available Services for the winners during the Programme

  • Tailor-made Acceleration plan for 6 months.

  • Access to a network of professional mentors composed of experts from the organising entities, who will support their project development 

  • Access to the TecnoCampus Technology Park and their own working space at the TecnoCampus Antena TrenLab centre to develop their business projects within a maximum stay of six months.

  • A chance to try out the solution in the city of Mataró.

  • Ad hoc analysis of different financing and internationalization sources for their project

Available benefits for the winners at the end of the programme


Preferential access to the spaces and services of the TecnoCampus Technology Park 



To be linked to a territorial HUB / Cluster to escalate their market access up to one year after the end of the programme. 


Registration form for the Antena TrenLab Awards

Please, fill in this form and we will send you an email with all necessary details to submit your project


The deadline for submitting nominations is extended: until November 6


Requirements for participation


Any SME or Micro-SME with an innovative, technological, and sustainable project that has a minimum viable product and meets the challenges described 

Acceleration programme

Winners will make the commitment to attend the Acceleration Programme. It will be face-to-face at the Antena TrenLab centre in Mataró (Barcelona) 

Area of ​​influence

Winners will have the predisposition to test their solution mainly in Mataró and its area of influence  

Evaluation criteria for applications

All the information (assessment criteria, scales, maximum score for each scale, etc) is available in the legal bases of the awards available in the official languages for this call.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

Yes, as long as you can participate in the acceleration program at the Antena TrenLab centre and you are willing to develop your solution mostly in Mataró and its area of influence. 
During the 6 month programme, we will try to concentrate all face-to-face sessions within the same week each month.

In this case, and only if your idea is a very disruptive solution by the current market standards, you can apply at the “Keep it on!" challenge. Regarding the rest of the awards, it is required to be a matured technological solution and a proof of concept (TRL level XNUMX minimum). (TRL level 3 minimum). 

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