Creatic Awards


Addressed to:

CFGS Vocational Training students from the educational centers of Mataró, enrolled in the 2021-22 academic year, can participate in this award.

Each educational centre will present the request for participation, according to the model below, accompanied by up to a maximum of 3 projects of its students.


-> Application for participation


You can present it:

  • In hand, in the register of the TecnoCampus park. (Av. d'Ernest Lluch, 32. 08302 Mataró)
  • By email to


Selection criteria:

Singularity of the idea    5 points

Market orientation of the value proposition    5 points

Business model   5 points

Degree of project development   5 points




The members of the winning team will be awarded with a computer each



The deadline for submitting nominations ended on October 5, 2022