The School of Business and Social Science (ESCSET) started its activities the academic year 1994-95, affiliated to the Universitat Pompeu Fabra (UPF). The fact that the ESCSET is affiliated to the UPF means that official degrees are issued by the University and the academic regulations governing the ESCSET studies are also the same for this University. This dependence is an honour for the ESCSET, because the UPF is one of the most prestigious universities in Spain, and in some areas, such as Economics and Business, one of the most prestigious universities in the world.

In 2009, the ESCSET joined the Tecnocampus Science and Innovation Park together with the other university of Mataró, the Technical College (ESUPT), affiliated to the Polytechnic University of Catalonia. The School of Health Sciences was created in the academic year 2010-11, also a part of Tecnocampus and affiliated to the UPF. Today, the three centres, together with the Business Area, are one of the most modern university models and one of the most promising of Catalonia. Its strong territorial role and commitment with the social and economic environment makes up with a clear international vocation, as corresponds to the “universality” of the university.

The building which houses the Tecnocampus is intended and designed for university studies and contains all the necessary infrastructures to carry out a quality university activity in multiple facets. In Tecnocampus you can share university life with a diverse and multidisciplinary community, and this certainly enriches the stage of university education of our students. The campus has multiple service centres across all qualifications, such as the CRAI Library, the University Community Assistance Unit (UACU), the Internationalization services, the Internships and Job Placement, Technical Teaching or InnoLab Unit (innovation lab and pre-incubation business projects).

The ESCSET imparts the Degree in Business Administration and Innovation Management, the Degree in Tourism and Leisure Management, the Degree in Marketing and Digital Communities, the Master’s Degree in Entrepreneurship and Innovation and other non-official postgraduate programmes. In addition, the ESCSET offers double degrees, Business Administration/Tourism and Business Administration/Marketing. These programmes have achieved a high level of acceptance, allowing students to obtain two official degrees in just five years.

At the ESCSET, we wanted our offer to have its own stamp, unique and distinctive, and we have emphasized on engagement with businesses, international relations and entrepreneurship and innovation, although they have long been distinctive features of the ESCSET, with the integration in the Tecnocampus Park they have been consolidated and strengthened gaining more prominence and visibility in the curriculum development of the students. Another aspect is the highly professional nature that we want to give our graduates. That is why we have adopted the “case method” as a teaching method, as well as a mandatory internship and the presence of professionals in the classrooms as decisive elements for the students to know the realities of business and tourism, always dynamic and changing.

The ESCSET has a long list of companies, whether through internships, job placement, counselling or scholarships that have offered their unconditional cooperation to the School since its creation, and has also a long list of universities and foreign university centres with which it has relationships to facilitate and ensure that students who wish to visit them could do it with academic recognition. Finally, the fact that the School is integrated in a Science and Innovation Park facilitates the training of entrepreneurs, who are capable to respond to the challenges that a society like ours, living trough a major crisis of the production model, in a short-term needs to face.

Moreover, it should be noted that the ESCSET continues firm in their commitments and responsibilities to the social environment, attentive to the needs that society expects of a university strongly involved in the region. One of the objectives of the ESCSET, shared with the owner organization, is that the school will not be socially discriminatory, and that is why since its creation it has sought the involvement of companies and institutions to create a group scholarships to help students to fund their studies, and it is also committed to participate actively in all issues that affect and concern our society in order to make it fairer, more equitable and sustainable.

Josep Ma Raya Vilchez -  Director