UPF academic certificates



Obtain a document that reflects the updated file of the studies that are being studied in the TecnoCampus. Please note that if you request the academic certificate before the proceedings close, there will be subjects pending qualification.


Who can request it?

Any student of the TecnoCampus.


Application procedure

Online: e-secretary (Academic certificate application)

Certificate language: must be specified if you want the certificate in Catalan, Spanish or English.

- If you are a student before the 2012-13 academic year, please contact Academic management from your center

- If you do not remember your username and / or password, go to helpdesk@tecnocampus.cat


Deadline to apply

Any time of the year.



According to current TecnoCampus management fees, consult this one link. In case of bonuses consult this one link.


Answer you will get

Academic certificate.


Response time

One week from the payment of the procedure.

In enrollment periods this period may be affected.


Who's in charge

Academic Management Service.


Regulations and reference documentation

Administrative services prices of the studies of Degree of the TecnoCampus.