UPF report qualification claim


Review the final grade or grade of an exam or assessment that appears in the final report or academic transcript, once all the previously established review options have been exhausted.

Who can request it?

Any TecnoCampus student who has exhausted all previous avenues for reviewing the exam or assessment.

Where to go

Online: e-secretary (Claim of minutes qualifications)

Documentation to be provided

Required: Specific instance addressed to the Director of the Center.

Deadline to apply

5 calendar days from the publication of the final minutes

Answer you will get

Notification through the e-Secretariat of the resolution of the Commission / Court and rectification of the qualification if applicable.

Response time

5 calendar days from the date of acceptance of the application.

Who's in charge

Academic Management Service

Regulations and reference documentation

*Academic regulations for undergraduate studies. (article 12.3)
* Academic calendar where the official closing dates of the final acts are collected.