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Position: Professor

Office: TCM6 P2 OF. 1

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I'm Anna Castells, and I wouldn't quite know how to define myself. I know that I like to teach things, and now I do it in the way that I like the most: playing. My main professional field is within the world of gaming and recreation. In addition, the world of acrobatics has been part of my life since I was young and that is why I ended up also training in this field and teaching in this area.

My teaching profile is linked to the experience of the pedagogical content to then extract the theoretical concepts that are linked to it.

I studied MEF, CAFE and did the Doctorate. I am currently doing my doctoral thesis on gamification and learning based on real challenges in university teaching

I like to keep learning constantly from the people around me, I'm curious to know how to do new things and I'm happy to learn to use new tools whenever I can.

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Physical activity and sport

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Primary teacher - Physical Education specialty Universitat de Barcelona
Sciences of physical activity and sport INEFC - University of Barcelona