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Office: TCM1 P2 OF. 34

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Working together with entrepreneurs, investors, administration and university defining, launching and managing entrepreneurship ecosystems around the world. Eighteen years of experience launching new initiatives as a member of the Board of Directors, General Manager and Commercial Director have provided me with a deep business orientation, focusing on the ability to generate SALES as the key element in entrepreneurship. Outstanding Achievements in: • DIGITAL SALES GROWTH • CASH BURN and FREE CASH FLOW FROM OPERATIONS IMPROVEMENT • Managing CHANGE IMPLEMENTATION, CONFLICT RESOLUTION and TEAM BUILDING I support the human side of leadership. With this personal approach I have gained commitment, a sense of responsibility, a job well done, professional integrity, time and teamwork. You get results from a team that has been created, developed, trained, led, defended, motivated and rewarded properly. As personal qualities I provide leadership, involvement, attention to detail, care for people, empathy, resilience, assertiveness, and high ability to adapt to change. Higher Telecommunications Engineer, MBA from IESE, ExecEd from ESADE, studying Humanities, I speak seven languages.