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Diploma in Physiotherapy from the Autonomous University of Barcelona (Fundació Univeristaria del Bages) 2006-2009 Master in Child Neurorehabilitation from UAB (Institut Guttmann) 2010-2012 Clinical experience in Sports rehabilitation, home visits: neurological, geriatric, pediatric and respiratory conditions . 2009-2011 Hospital experience at Dexeus University Hospital: neonatology, traumatology and neurology. 2011-2013 International experience in pediatric physiotherapy: major burns, neurology and orthopedics in France. 2013-2016 Experience in professional entrepreneurship: personal branding, web and business management. Physiotherapy for children 2018 - present. Teaching experience in several universities and training centers: URL Blanquerna Salut, Fisiofocus, Tecnocampus Mataró. 2018 - present