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I have worked in the fragrance industry for 20 years. I have led R&D projects, in the creation and evaluation of fragrances and formulation of consumer products in cosmetics and perfumery. I provide training in the area of ​​perfumery, ambiance and cosmetics and sensory marketing. I advise companies in the development of formulations, as well as in the selection of suppliers as well as in the definition of purchasing policies, branding and in the marketing strategies for companies around the world. That allows me to have an overview and a deep know-how in both the technical and marketing part generating strategies with a cross-sectional vision focused on achieving business, which has allowed me to acquire relevant connections in European industry that include multinationals such as Puig, Mane, Lucta, Symrise, Firmenich… Sandir 2010-: My own company: fragrance evaluation, development and training consultancy 2010- o Technical consultancy: fragrance evaluation and selection to adapt consumer preferences. Search, development and approval of suppliers. Raw materials, packaging compatibility, branding consistent with the brand and product. ¿(Saphir, Hygolet, Two sense Panama, Aromers,…) o Strategic definition: business model, shopping experience, sensory Branding. Sánchez Romero Supermercados, Hygolet, Kelsis Colombia, Compo GMBH,… o Specialized training: technical, marketing and purchasing ¿Dior, Coty Astor, Unilever, Indukern, Nestle, global fragrances, Angelini Beauty, Odournet. o Other projects: IKEA, Natura, Nuñez and Navarro Hotels, tuc-tuc, Fitó seeds, Six Madrid, CQM, Golden Hotels, COMPO, Bassat Museum, Fili Plaza, Tecnocampus, IBKtropic, terymar, Barcelona Museums, Fundació la Caixa. o At Sandir Perfume School, we help improve skills and competencies in perfumery, cosmetics and household products. We work in person and online, adapting to the client's needs in terms of content and duration. o Some of the companies we have trained: Dior, Saphir Takasago, Angelini Beauty, Perfumerías Garrote, Ayurna, Cosmetic Giurà, Odournet, Vila Viniteca, Saphir, Image de Marque, Ambiseint, Iaroma, Personal image schools. ¿Tecnocampus (Universidad Pompeu Fabra) Professor since 2016- ¿Centro Estudios Superiores Industria Farmacéutica (CESIF) Professor since 2016- ¿ESADE and European Institute of Design. Professor 2010-2012 ¿Beauty Cluster of Barcelona. Trainings 2018- - Mane. Evaluator. Grasse (Nice-France) and Barcelona. 2008-2010 Development of briefings and evaluation and olfactory selection of internal collection of alcoholic perfumery, personal care products and setting. - Antonio Puig SA R&D technician leading cosmetics and perfumery projects 2000-2008 Involved in marketing projects, new product development, innovation, strategy, cosmetics and perfumery projects. Training - Industrial Engineer specialized in Industrial Chemistry (UPC).

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