What are the Reimagine Textile Awards?

The Reimagine Textile awards represent an exceptional opportunity for the best projects within the textile sector to have an innovative vision and provide a differentiated value proposition.

This initiative recognizes and rewards the talent, creativity and innovation capacity of all those projects that seek to change the paradigm of the textile industry, offering them economic, logistical and acceleration support.


There are three categories:

  • Reimagine Textile awards for the best sustainable or circular economy proposal

    More information. Value proposition based on:

    ✓ The reduction or elimination of the use of natural resources in production.

    ✓ Utilization of pre-consumer or post-consumer waste for new manufacturing.

    ✓ Reduction or elimination of the negative impact on the environment in production processes or pre-consumer and/or post-consumer logistics.

    ✓ Any other proposal that favors the sustainability or circularity of the value chain.

  • Reimagine Textile awards for the best proposal with functional textiles

    More information. Value proposition based on the integration of functionality into the textile product:

    ✓ through the integration of technology and interactivity.

    ✓ through the use of materials, textile structure, finishes or innovative functionalization processes that give the product specific properties.

  • Reimagine Textile awards for the best digital business model proposal

    Value proposition based on the incorporation of digital technologies in some element of the business model

Submission deadline for nominations: from June 26 to August 28, 2023

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Endowment of the prizes

  • Cash prize of €3.000.
  • 50% bonus in the coworking space of the Reimagine Textile Incubator or discount for the same amount in euros for one year's access to an individual incubation office space in the TCM2 building.
  • Free patterning and tailoring for 2 shows a year.
  • Free access to the photo set fully equipped.
  • Free access to the FabLab for experimentation and prototyping.
  • Technological advice and search for funding for R&D.
  • Access to training, sectoral information and technological surveillance.
  • 100% bonus on the ASEGEMA membership fee for 1 year.

In addition, the winners of each category will also opt for the PLUS INNOVATION PROJECT AWARD the one that brings the most added value to society in terms of innovation and/or sustainability. This prize consists of an additional €2.000 in cash.

Bases, requirements and criteria

Projects must meet the following criteria:  

  • The projects must be related to the textile sector and include innovative and/or technological components. 
  • They must intend to start the business activity of the project presented in Catalonia and before February 15, 2024.  
  • They must have the company and activity legalized after January 1, 2020. 

Selection criteria

For the evaluation of the projects, the following selection criteria will be taken into account: 


Maximum score

1. Innovative product or service: 

Differentiating elements of the product or service and its impact on the environment

Incorporation of innovative elements and technological improvements


5 points

5 points

2. Market size

The market orientation of the project and the marketing strategy will be assessed

5 points

3. Business model and economic and financial viability of the project

5 points

4. The entrepreneurial effect

In this criterion, the ability to generate jobs and as a dynamizer of economic activity in the territory will be assessed

5 points

5. Promoting team

Technical knowledge and management of the entrepreneurial team

Communication skills, based on the oral presentation of the project

5 Points


5 Points

Frequently asked questions

1- Entrepreneurs who want to start their own business 

If you have a business idea in the textile sector with a certain degree of innovation, with a level of maturity close to the market and you want to launch it, the Reimagine Textile Awards can be the perfect platform for you to launch it. 


2- Companies that have started their activity since January 1, 2020 

The Reimagine Textile awards are a push to consolidate and grow your new business initiative. 

Yes, but this idea must be mature, and already be a project close to the market and with a firm will to create a company. If you are the winner, you will need to set up the company before February 15, 2024. 

Yes, an independent or sole proprietorship is a legal form that a company can take. However, the registration of the activity must have occurred after January 1, 2020. 

No. To apply for the Reimagine Textile Awards it is not necessary to have the company in Mataró. However, in case of winning, in order to enjoy the cash prize, the company must be located and domiciled in the Tecnocampus Reimagine Textile Incubator. 

The TecnoCampus has an Entrepreneurship Service where they can help you. You can request a personalized visit with a Service technician at empreneurs@tecnocampus.cat or by phone at 931696502 

Through the web forms on this page, and they can also be submitted physically at the TecnoCampus (TCM2 - Av. Ernest Lluch, 32 de Mataró)