What is InnoEmprèn?

InnoEmprèn is the high performance program that transforms your business idea into a real business project, incorporating sustainability as a competitive advantage through the circular economy. 

It helps you test the value proposition in the market, using the methodologies of Lean StartUp, Customer Development and Business Model Canvas. From InnoEmprèn we bring you closer to experts and mentoring who together with you give body to the project. 


If you are an entrepreneur or a startup in the early stages, this program interests you!

Who is it for?

Entrepreneurial people

 If you have a business idea innovative, de basis technological and/or application of thecircular and sustainable economy.


If you are one startup newly created with business model innovative, technological and/or application of thecircular and sustainable economy in the process of validation.

What does it bring you?

Discover and validate the idea


Prototyping and transforming the business model

Define and size the business model

How do we do it?

Lean Startup


Business mentoring



Creative and Incubator

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The program does evolve your idea to launch, following the Lean Startup methodology, which supports the process of creating a Startup in the steps of defining, developing and launching the business project. 

Sessions workshops + Tutorials + Mentors + Consulting 

Home el March 24, 2023 in face-to-face format Friday from 10 a.m. to 14 p.m. some Thursdays at the same time.

  • Phase 1: March, April, May.
  • Phase 2: May, June (July/December - mentoring)

Phases of the program

Validate your business idea

1 phase:  

Focused on validating yours business idea and turn it into one clear value proposition.

  • Discover the customer 
  • Validate the idea
  • Prototype 
  • Design the business model
  • Incorporate sustainability 
  • Communicating  
  • Tutorials

Define your business model

2 phase:

Focused on defining the business model, strategies I la economic viability i finance

  • Sales strategy
  • Talent and team management
  • Impact measurement and communication
  • Data Protection
  • Patents and trademarks 
  • Financing 
  • Mentoring

Place of realization

Technocampus Ernest Lluch Avenue, 32 | TCM Tower 2 | 08302 Mataró (Barcelona)
Tel. NOTHING TWO TWO WHEN TWO | empreneurs@tecnocampus.cat

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