Do you want to grow your logistics project?

Get on the Apollo logistics and technology project launcher, located in the Maresme, in front of the sea. Focus on what's really important to your business and we'll take care of the rest.

With Apollo we want to lead this new era and be pioneers in creating new workplace models, new office formulas and new meeting points for the people who are part of the team.

Entrepreneurial people

You are an enterprising person with projects, but you need to surround yourself with a creative and experienced environment to validate your business.


You have started your project and have not yet achieved the necessary acceleration. This is the right place to start growing!

Logistics Companies

If you are a company in the technology or IT sector related to logistics, you will be surrounded by an ideal environment to grow your projects.


Work, Convenience and Networking

We create spaces for you to feel at home. Get comfortable and do what you love. We make sure that nothing stops you and you can get the best out of yourself.

The way we work is changing. The office is transformed into a meeting point and we want to be able to connect and work from anywhere at any time.



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How do we help you get your project off the ground?

  • Orientation

    Give first-hand information and guidance to the entrepreneurial team so that you can face your entrepreneurial project with more chances of success.

  • Consultancy

    Offer comprehensive and personalized advice to entrepreneurs in the development of the project in order to validate the business model.

  • Incubation

    Facilitate the creation of new initiatives in an innovative business environment, endowed with a physical and technological infrastructure and high value services.

  • Mentoring

    Make specialist mentor projects available for entrepreneurial projects so that  accompany the validation phase and arrival on the market.

  • Investment

    Facilitate access to project funding for each of the maturation phases, with personalized and expert advice.

  • Acceleration

    Facilitate the phase of creation of the company and the start of the activity and support to the phase of establishment of the project together with a team of professionals.

Want to see the facilities?

  • Open spaces

    Completely renovated office with all the necessary equipment to be able to work professionally and enjoy a fun and entertaining day through the networking and networking.

  • Work Areas

    Fully adapted work areas so you can work in the best conditions.

  • Multipurpose set

    There is a set that will be very useful in your presentations, to practice or even if you want to hold an event or master classes from the offices.

  • Meeting room

    For your meetings with clients or your team, you can make use of the conference rooms. All rooms are set in a type of logistics transport.

  • Gaming Zones

    Because it's not all about work, there's a play area where you can relax and practice ping-pong, arcade games and more, to compete with the whole office.

  • Kitchen

    So that you can eat quietly with all the necessary equipment for the hungry moments. Free water, coffee and tea!

Now that you've come,

You will want to stay

We want you to feel better than at home, so we take care of every detail in order to create a young, innovative, but above all cheerful atmosphere, which is what characterizes the Apollo community.


Supersonic Wifi

Free wifi at the speed of sound so you can browse, download, share and work without any problems.

Free Coffee & Tea

To recharge your batteries or if you want to relax on the sofas during a busy day.

Working Spot and Meeting Rooms

You can work in the place you like best and you have the right to use the meeting rooms whenever you want.

Gaming Zones

Because it’s not all about work, we have a space to entertain you in the most stressful times and make you laugh.

Contact us

+34 931 69 65 02

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