A non-stop weekend, solving real challenges of the TecnoCampus Entrepreneurial Community

Dates of the TecnoChallenge

Saturday 18 (9:00-20:00 h) and age 19 of November (9-18:30), Foyer TCM2.


Definition of challenges and distribution of teams

Saturday 11 of November 10:00-14:00 h, Foyer TCM2

Participate in the TecnoChallenge through the following link:

What is the TecnoChallenge?


For the ninth edition, TecnoChallenge is again concentrating on solving three real challenges: a challenge from the university, a challenge from a startup and a company from the TecnoCampus. 
You will participate in the activity by solving one of the three challenges, with a multidisciplinary team and developing your entrepreneurial and innovative skills. 
You will go through phase by phase non-stop, until you end up making a solution that will have to be presented with a pitch in front of a court. 

The winning solutions can be implemented from the TCM Pre-Incubator or directly from the startup, the company and the university. 
The conference will be facilitated by a group of experts in consulting and training workshops. 


TecnoChallenge fulfills a triple objective: to develop your entrepreneurial and innovative skills, to strengthen the company-university link and to solve real challenges of our entrepreneurial community.

Who can participate?

Bachelor's and Master's students enrolled in the 2023-2024 TecnoCampus course

Those who want to learn how to generate entrepreneurial and innovative solutions for real challenges

Those who want to work in a team and join the TecnoCampus Entrepreneurial Community


€500,00 (five hundred) euros

For each of the three winning teams: university challenge, company challenge, startup challenge.


Participate in the TecnoChallenge through the following link:

If you are interested, you can call us at 673 661 548 or write an email to uniempreneur@tecnocampus.cat