Weekend Challenge


What is the Weekend Challenge?

The Weekend Challenge follows the Lean Startup methodology in the hands of industry professionals. 

Here you can see the video summary of the 2019 edition:


Who can participate?

  • TecnoCampus university students with entrepreneurial drive
  • Those who want to learn how to generate business projects
  • Those with a business idea and want to test it out, working as a team



A non-stop weekend awaits you that will begin with the presentation of project ideas and the creation of teams. From here, we will start working on the idea with the Lean Startupmethodology, moving step by step until a prototyped solution has been developed, which is subsequently presented to a panel. 

The conference will be facilitated by a group of experts in consulting and training workshops. 

The panel of judges will choose the best initiative worked on and the winners will take home a prize in recognition. In addition, all those who want will be able to continue developing their idea with the help of the pre-incubator service. 


Weekend Challenge 2019 - Registration closed


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