Vision and mission

  -  Vision:

Contribute in the improvement of the investigation and of the management of the projects that do to the institution, offering a service of integral support that simplify the processes, accompany the researcher and that guarantee an optimum execution of the projects from the scientific point of view, technician, economic and official.  

  -  Mission:

  • Facilitate the participation of the Foundation TecnoCampus in European projects, national or autonomic, offering integral support in the planning and management of the projects conceded until his ending.
  • Promote the generation of knowledge to the Foundation TecnoCampus through the support to the researchers and groups of investigation, the promotion of the activity realised and the advice and the management of the participation in programs of investigation.  


Wallet of services


  • Define the strategy of participation in the management of the external finance and catchment of competitive bottoms.

  • Control the cycle fulfilled of management of the projects:

  • Identify, look for and spread opportunities of finance.

  • Analysis and ensambladura of opportunities of finance.

  • Support in the preparation of proposals of projects (institutional profile, review presupposed).

  • Economic management and follow-up of the projects conceded. Interlocución With entities financiadoras.

  • Apply the internal procedures to look after the fulfillment of the rules of the financiadores.

  • Closing of the projects (justifications, audits, requests and allegations).

  • Establish and manage networks of relation with other entities, public administrations and stakeholders, acting like lobby.

  • Information, training and advice to the organisation on the management of projects.

  • Manage and direct the transversal projects of the institution that are him entrusted.


  • Participate in the definition of the politics of investigation of the Foundation TecnoCampus.

  • Exert the office of the Commission of investigation.

  • Asesorar To the personal researcher in the processes of accreditation of the investigation and in his participation in programs of investigation, spreading the different public announcements.

  • Manage the agreements and agreements of collaboration of the field of the investigation and the transfer of knowledge.

  • Support to the groups of investigation in his creation and internal recognition and support in his daily management (high/drops of his members, scholarships of investigation, management of the annual announcements of finance of the own activity of the groups of investigation).

  • Manage the indicators of the activity of investigation of the Foundation and realisation of technical reports and of activity of the service.


Lines of performance

Axis of action 1
Increase the uptake of competitive resources
Axis of action 2
Increase participation in European projects
Axis of action 3
Improve the promotion of research activity
Axis of action 4
Improve attention to research staff
Axis of action 5
Strengthened networking and the relationship with stakeholders


Location and contact 

Service of Projects and Support to the Investigation
University building TCM6 – First Plant

Foundation TecnoCampus Mataró-Maresme
Avenue Ernest Lluch, 32 (Door Laietana)
08302 Mataró (Barcelona)

Telephone: 93 757 46 12