TecnoCampus has an Internal Quality Management System, which considers the user at the center of his performance and takes him/her into consideration not only during his/her stay but also before and after his/her visit to TecnoCampus (in particular for students but also entrepreneurs and companies).

TecnoCampus has two main areas of activity: University and Enterprise, with various target groups (interest groups). Enterprise Area and each School has its own quality system with a Quality Commission of its own. In addition, at TecnoCampus global level, a specific Quality Commission is defined.

The specific objectives of the quality system are:
- Promote the definition of processes in the two main areas of action of TecnoCampus: University and Enterprise. In the case of the university area, promote the use of specific standards such as the AUDIT to structure the quality system contents.
- Promote the revision/modification of the processes that make up the Quality Management System.
- Follow up actions to improve the different processes and procedures.
- Promote a calendar of obtaining indicators with dates, responsible, origin of data and type of visibility.
- Prepare reports of satisfaction polls (service personal, professors, students, graduates, companies) and attention to suggestions and complaints.
- Promote the accessibility of the different groups to all information concerning quality (indicators, satisfaction studies, processes and procedures, improvement actions) with special attention to the web.
- To realize the annual quality memory of the TecnoCampus, which will complement the memories of the degrees (IST), the memories of the center and the memories of the services.

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