One of the aims of Tecnocampus is to develop research, understood as academic activity focused on the generation of knowledge with special emphasis on the transfer of knowledge to business and society, acting as an agent facilitating innovation and supporting business competitiveness, together with other R & D & I agents in the territory, with whom it will actively collaborate to focus synergies and complementarities that project the territory and with it the progress of citizens. 

The TecnoCampus 2022 Strategic Plan also highlights research as a priority line of action, with the aim of developing its own applied research model.  

The basic unit of Tecnocampus research is the Research Groups (GR-Tecnocampus). The GR-Tecnocampus are organisational figures created from the initiative of PDI groups of their university centres in order to enhance their scientific activity through collaboration between its members, the joint external projection to achieve greater visibility, obtaining resources for research and development of relationships with other colleagues and organisations.