University entrepreneurship at TecnoCampus

If you are interested in entrepreneurship, creating your own startup, or entrepreneurship, being the innovative employee that everyone wants, at TecnoCampus we have more than 30 resources for you, from training to financing, from the classrooms to the Business Park.


University entrepreneurial community

Join the TecnoCampus Entrepreneurial Community If you want to know more about all the resources you can use and network with other entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs like you, you have 3 options...


Are you a university student and want to start an intrapreneurship?

If you are an entrepreneur, you want to become an innovative employee and contribute creative solutions to someone else's team, to grow and grow a company, a startup, a cooperative, an association.


Are you a student and want to start a business?

If you are an entrepreneur, you have an idea that you are passionate about and want to turn it into reality, prepare, test it in the market and, if it works, scale it. You want to create your own startup.





Creatic Awards

The Creatic Awards offer an incentive and an opportunity for innovative and/or technology-based business projects, offering the winners financial, logistical and acceleration support.



InnoEmprèn is the high performance program that transforms your business idea into a real business project, incorporating sustainability as a competitive advantage through the circular economy. 


TecnoCampus incubator

We offer you modern and technologically equipped facilities, in a dynamic business environment, where you can grow your business. The Incubator has 21 offices, two meeting rooms, a vending space and a rest area.



Grows up:

Reimagine Textile

It is a high performance and support program in the process of transforming business ideas in the textile and fashion sector into real business projects, which is subsidized by the TecnoCampus Foundation and the Diputació de Barcelona. 


Go Global Program

TecnoCampus helps companies to internationalize with its Go Global internationalization service.



The 4YFN is an international reference event in the entrepreneurial ecosystem, again this year sharing space with the Mobile World Congress, in a fairground where the companies of the future will live together for a few days, led by entrepreneurs with great talent and creativity.



Looking for funding:

Grants and financing

Consult all the grants and funding lines, state and European, that you can choose to start and/or grow your company.


Expert advice program for access to public R & D & I funds

The expert advice program for access to public R & D & I funds is a free program that aims to increase your chances of accessing Next Generation EU funding lines and programs. research, development and innovation (R + D + I) audiences.


TecnoCampus Investment Club

TecnoCampus has since its inception offered support services for access to private investment for startups and entrepreneurs.



Train yourself:

Educational programs

Tecnocampus programs different training activities for the acquisition of the knowledge and skills needed to lead your project with greater guarantees of success.