Presentation and members of the AFYS Group

The AFYS Group consists of several researchers in the field of health relating to the study of sport sciences from different perspectives, including biological, behavioural and social perspectives. 

Group members:
PhD. Marta Carrasco
Juanjo García
PhD. Alejandro Meana
PhD. Robert Usach
PhD. Manuel Gomis

Research areas and projects linked to the Group

  • Title:"Exercise and Physical Activity as a Solution to Problems associated with Different Populations". 
    This research proposes to apply methods and means inherent to Physical Activity and Sport Sciences as a way to prevent and improve symptoms experienced by people who have acute or chronic diseases involving associated problems or lesions of various types. In particular, it aims to change the perspective from a treatment focused on pharmacological and palliative aspects to an approach based on prevention and rehabilitation through exercise and physical activity. It also aims to make positive changes to the health and quality of life of these people.

  • Title: "Promotion and Diffusion of Physical Activity for Health". 
    This research aims to promote and study healthy habits and lifestyles through physical activity and food: strategies to combat a sedentary lifestyle may include different intervention stages based on social marketing and the recommendation of physical activity to improve health. This research aims to evaluate these strategies to determine which ones may have greater efficacy, taking into account the features of the population in question. Similarly, areas such as the assessment of body composition, nutritional assessment, and monitoring hydration status will be applicable to present proposals to society in order to help improve people’s lives independent of their age, sex or previous level of physical activity.