One of the strategic principles of Tecnocampus is to guarantee quality, innovation and excellence in the training offered and the services it offers. It is for this reason that both from the three university centers that constitute it, and from the central services or campus services, the culture of quality and pedagogical and teaching innovation is one of the main axes of the strategic policy of the institution, which focuses on the consolidation of structures, processes and tools that allow the achievement of the goals of excellence that are intended.

In order to make this strategic principle effective, Tecnocampus has the Service for Quality, Learning and Teaching Innovation (SQAI), able to plan, set goals, monitor, evaluate, measure and make proposals for quality improvement in all activities carried out in the institution.

The Tecnocampus considers quality teaching as one of its priority objectives. The SQAI contributes to this goal by encouraging the continuous improvement of teaching, giving impetus and support for teaching innovation, stimulating activities of exchange of teaching experiences, giving visibility to the programs and groups that work in projects of educational innovation and organizing formative activities headed to the PDI that have like aim the innovation and the quality of the teaching.

The SQAI also aims to manage and offer the entire Tecnocampus community the information resources and services useful for teaching and learning, in accordance with the guidelines of the institution. It also offers a set d 'ICT tools and services to give the necessary support to teachers and students so that they achieve their objectives in terms of teaching, innovation, research and their own administrative management derived from these activities.



The Tecnocampus has always been committed to quality in all areas in order to ensure excellence in education, thus guaranteeing the academic rigor of its training offer. Continuous improvement becomes a backbone of the Institution through the schools that make it up.

The SQAI defines the policies and strategic lines to be followed in terms of quality, working in coordination with university centers, services and the business area. At the same time, it develops the actions to be followed with regard to Quality Assurance in different areas of the academic / teaching world (teacher and PAS evaluation, analytical studies,…).

Check here the information regarding the quality for each school:

School of Health Sciences (ESCST)


School of Social and Business Sciences (ESCSET)


Internal Quality Assurance System (ESCSET)


Teacher training

From the SQAI is made available to teachers a training plan a wide range of courses in the framework of internal training with the aim of contributing to the continuous improvement of teaching, encouraging the use of ICT tools and introducing innovative methodologies.

Teacher training is classified according to the competence being worked on: interpersonal, methodological, communicative, teamwork, innovation and teaching planning and management. In order to facilitate the participation of teachers, these trainings are carried out in different ways depending on the subject and the date of teaching, both in person and online.