Publication of job offers

The educational model of the TecnoCampus undergraduate and postgraduate studies is based on the pillars of innovation, entrepreneurship and professionalism.

All the qualifications taught are aimed at quality employment. At TecnoCampus we prepare our students to connect them with the business world by making it easier for them to enter the job market with a high level of experience, knowledge and skills. 

Steps to follow to contact TecnoCampus candidates:

  • Register your company on the TecnoCampus Talent Exchange.

    You can access it in this link

  • Submit the offer.

     (We recommend making it attractive in order to capture the interest of the candidates).

  • Candidates will submit their application through the TecnoCampus Talent Exchange app.

    Access the app

  • You will be able to consult their CVs online and arrange interviews directly with the candidates.

  • Once the candidate has been selected, the company will process the employment contract directly.