Presentation of ICEX 2024 grants

Next April 17, Borja Martín Urcelay, head of entrepreneurship at ICEX, and José Ignacio Pradas, Director of ICEX Catalunya, will explain in more detail all these programs as well as other aids and services to boost internationalization . 

Addressed to:
• SMEs and/or startups with a vocation for international growth and with the intention of consolidating their presence in foreign markets

17 d'abril

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Catalonia-Colombia networking webinar

Networking session and presentation of advantages and opportunities presented by Colombia and Catalonia.

Aimed at:

  • Startups interested in learning more about Colombia's innovative ecosystem, and in particular, Valle de Cauca
    Companies that want to open a market in Colombia, looking for commercial partners or potential collaborators

April 30, 2024

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Go Global 2024

Do you want to go outside and don't know how? Don't have an internationalization strategy? Do you want to increase your international sales? Have you started selling through international digital channels and want to expand your digital sales?

Enroll in this course to get the tools you need to start selling internationally and through digital channels.

Calendar of the sessions

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  • Market opportunities and Intellectual Property Risk management in LATAM

    Last February 2024, we had the support of ACCIÓ and LATAM IP SME HELPESK, in order to present business opportunities in Latin America and specifically, key aspects to learn to manage Intellectual Property (IP) risks ) in that region. 

  • First steps to export

    This May 31, the companies located in the TecnoCampus business park had the opportunity to learn more about the first steps towards exporting. Ferran Huidobro Casamitjana - International Project Manager of TecnoCampus and expert in International Relations has presented to our companies some key aspects of international trade such as the preparation of a PPI, the choice of target markets or the main tools such as Incoterms and documentary credits in a context of constant geopolitical situation changing

  • Presentation of the ICEX NEXT program

    On May 24, 2023, TecnoCampus has organized a joint session with ICEX - España Exportación e InversionesDuring the day, Borja Martín Ucelay presented the financial support program ICEX NEXT, as well as the Desafía programs to an audience made up of technology-based startups. In addition, the event has been moderated by Ferran Huidobro Casamitjana - International Project Manager of TecnoCampus who has presented the business support service for the internationalization of TecnoCampus, as well as the Business missions currently open.

  • INFODAY on the Business Mission to Florida in 2023

    This past April 27, 2023, TecnoCampus presented to an audience of 30 companies, an INFODAY about the State of Florida and the Mission that TecnoCampus organizes for companies in the health sector towards this State. On this occasion we have counted with Gonzalo Orange de Enterprise Florida, with Elisa Medrano by ACTION-Miami and with Ferran Huidobro Casamitjana - International Project Manager of TechnoCampus, who have explained to us the incentives and advantages present today for Spanish companies in the State of Miami. We have also been able to learn about the benefits of participating in the business mission that will take place in Florida between November 27 and December 1.

  • Business Opportunities in China 2022

    On December 14, 2023, a virtual session took place on the main keys to entering the market of the second largest commercial power in the world: China. In this session co-organized with ACTION - Commercial Office in Shanghai and with theEU SME Center in Beijing, we had the opportunity to learn from experts the examples of resilience in the Chinese market, as well as the impact of covid, good practices, success stories, as well as the main challenges for European SMEs in the time to tackle this market. Coordinated by Ferran Huidobro Casamitjana, in charge of International Relations at TecnoCampus.

  • International Networking with Florida

    This November 30, 2022, TecnoCampus and its partner in the United States: the Research Park of Florida Atlantic University (FAU) have held an International Networking aimed at the health sector. In this event we had the opportunity to learn about the ecosystems of the health sector present in Florida and at the TecnoCampus, as well as learn about the opportunities present there, from the hand of'ACTION - Office in Miami. Four companies from TecnoCampus and four from FAU have exhibited their projects, as well as enjoying a networking session to exchange collaboration possibilities.

  • The Video Games Sector in Poland

    This November 9, TecnoCampus in collaboration with the Krakow Technology Park KPT, theACCIÓ office in Poland, have organized a Webinar to present the video game sector, as an example of resilience. The video game development industry has experienced a boom in the wake of the covid-19 pandemic. Countries such as Poland have positioned themselves as clear leaders in this sector within Europe. the Metropolitan Area of ​​Barcelona also has a very powerful video game development industry. In this session we were able to learn about the opportunities in both systems. Coordinated by Ferran Huidobro Casamitjana - TecnoCampus International Project Manager.

  • Internationalization Week 2022 ACTION

    This October 19, 2022 took place at the World Trade Center Barcelona central day of ACCIÓ's internationalization week. The international trade playing field has been turned upside down; and to understand the new challenges ACCIÓ has organized this year an unmissable appointment for all exporting companies with papersround tablesinterviews and networking. TecnoCampus had its own stand at Marketplace: internationalization fair. In addition, to continue exploring new business opportunities, throughout the week they have been carried out dozens of face-to-face and online sessions organized by the Internationalization Support Agents in addition toindividual interviews. On behalf of TecnoCampus, Yolanda Fernandez (responsible for business growth) and Ferran Huidobro Casamitjana (responsible for the international project) participated with a stand to serve companies interested in going international.

  • Presentation of Business Opportunities in India

    This past October 17, 2022, Our companies had the opportunity to learn more about the opportunities presented by an emerging market such as India. With 1.380 billion inhabitants, this Asian giant is one of the largest markets in the world, and its GDP of 1,69 trillion euros, positions it as one of the most powerful emerging economies in the world. Its rapid growth in recent years has meant that there are many sectors that currently present opportunities for European companies. Take advantage of this opportunity to discover which sectors are currently booming and are attractive for your company to enter this immense market.


  • Marketplace - How to sell on Amazon

    This past October 6, 2022, Maresme companies were able to enjoy the opportunity to learn more about how to sell on Amazon. With more than 197 million consumers every month, Amazon has become one of the main platforms for companies selling worldwide thanks to the visibility and logistics solutions it provides to companies. During the presentation he had in person at TecnoCampus, the main keys on how to sell in what is already the largest Marketplace at global level were explained.

  • International risks and how to cover them

    This last July 20, 2022 TecnoCampus from the hand of its partner the Sabadell Bank, has presented the Webinar on international risks and how to cover them. In this session we addressed the problem that often, making the decision to start exporting, involves risks for our company. We were able to detect what these risks are and how I can overcome them, in an online session in front of a large audience made up of companies mainly from the Maresme and from all over the territory's business fabric.


  • Lean Management to Export Better

    On July 13, 2022, TecnoCampus in collaboration with the Technical Office of Barriers to Internationalization of Action, we have organized a webinar in order to resolve technical queries from companies about their export process. In it we learned the key aspects to internationalize and become more efficient when it comes to exporting. In this sense we have presented tools and services available to companies to export and access new markets; above all we have brought them closer to a new methodology, the Lean Management, to optimize the export process and a whole range of key tools and services to define the internationalization strategy and grow the business in the world.

  • International Digital Sales

    On June 20 and 28, 2022, itinerary 2 of the Go Global program on how to start selling digitally abroad took place. In this service, we have guided and prepared several Maresme companies to start exporting via the internet. The objectives of the session were to accompany companies and support them in the definition of international digital strategic planning; Provide a guide to start the international digital export process and prepare the company to access resources and aid for internationalization.

  • Main Barriers to Internationalization

    On May 25, 2022, a session was held in collaboration with theTechnical Office of Barriers to Internationalization of ACTION that has consisted of a Webinar where companies have had the opportunity to learn what are the main barriers to internationalization, and how to overcome them, in a context where businesses abroad often have doubts and barriers , both at source and at destination, which can jeopardize the international growth of companies. .

  • Introduction to Export

    Between May 19 and 24, 2022, TecnoCampus has accompanied different companies from the Maresme with intentions of going abroad and increasing your international sales. Through two sessions of 4 hours each session, we have offered the export initiation service where we have guided and prepared to leave with higher probabilities of success. In these sessions he accompanied and gave support in the preparation of international strategic planning; a guide has been provided to start the process of exiting an international market; and companies have also been prepared to access resources and aid for internationalization.

  • International Networking with Mexico

    This March 24, 2022 TecnoCampus, the Monterrey TEC Technology Park and XPCAT. we have organized a session aimed at those companies interested in the Mexican market. This event will help to understand who the main players are in each market, as well as advice on how to properly approach these markets. On the other hand, we will have an expert in Industrial Property from the IP SME Helpdesk Center of the European Union and we will also host a business pitch where 6 companies (3 from each country) will present their projects, accompanied by the international relations coordinator : Ferran Huidobro Casamitjana.

  • Webinar on means of payment

    This past January 27, 2022 the TecnoCampus has organized with the help of its partner Banco Sabadell, a virtual session to present to more than fifty companies in the territory, the tool to export which is the means of international payment. Every year TecnoCampus and Banco Sabadell jointly organize sessions to train companies in internationalization.

  • Presentation of Opportunities in Southeast Asia and Vietnam

    On December 15, 2021, TecnoCampus, the ACCIÓ office in Vietnam, the Spanish Export Institute (ICEX), The Spanish Chamber of Commerce in Vietnam and the South-East Asia IP SME Helpdesk, have organized a session aimed at those Spanish companies with export potential interested in learning about new markets and specifically, the business opportunities presented by the South-East Asian subcontinent. In this session we had the opportunity to learn first-hand how Spanish and European institutions can help our companies when opening the market in South-East Asia; an area in continuous growth.

  • Presentation of opportunities in Germany

    On December 1, 2021, TecnoCampus and the Barcelona Chamber of Commerce organized the Webinar on Business Opportunities in the German Market. In this free webinar, where we will present an expert from the Barcelona Chamber of Commerce, who has given us notions on how to do business in the largest market, and the leading power in the European Union. Topics covered include Key Figures from XNUMXst Century Germany, and Why the German Market ?; as well as the Bundesländer, the sectors that present opportunities, the profile of the German consumer, idiosyncrasy, and the different ways of entering the German market, as well as different ways on how to get good contacts and convey trust.

  • Presentation of Opportunities in Brazil and Spain

    On November 24, 2021, TecnoCampus in the hands of XPCAT, the Network of Technology Parks of Brazil (Anprotec) and the Brazilian park Tecnovates, with whom we have a soft-landing agreement, we organized a free webinar, where companies have been given the opportunity to learn from local partners about the opportunities presented by the largest market in Latin America: Brazil.

  • Presentation of the Indian market

    This October 14, 2021, TecnoCampus, XPCAT, the European Business and Technology Center (EBTC), the India IP SME Helpdesk and the EU India Innocenter, have organized the webinar that deals with opportunities and challenges for doing business in India and support offered by the EU. The session presented Business Opportunities in India, and was free for all companies who want to learn the keys to doing business in India. It has covered issues such as business support for the EU-India political dialogues, the EU-India Partnership Agreements for clean energy and climate as well as the protection of intellectual property at the time of doing business in India.

  • Advanced documentary credits

    This October 6th de 2021, TecnoCampus has presented with its partner Banco Sabadell, a new webinar on Advanced documentary credits. The session aims to help companies find solutions to boost their business through exports as well as ways to ensure their collection. TecnoCampus and Banco Sabadell regularly co-organize, within the framework of the International Program and the agreement signed between the two entities, different sessions to help local businessmen and women find solutions to help them develop their business, also aimed at interested students. to learn more about international trade.

  • International networking Health sector with Portugal

    On September 22, 2021, TecnoCampus Health and our Portuguese partner LISPOLIS have organized the international networking event and presentation of opportunities in Portugal for companies in the healthcare sector. This event has been carried out completely online and entirely in English as a Webinar where different actors have participated to support companies looking for international opportunities, in this case in Portugal with a presentation of business landing opportunities in LISPOLIS Technology Park in Lisbon. Coordinated by Ferran Huidobro Casamitjana, head of the company internationalization project.

  • Presentation of the Chinese market

    On June 22, 2021, TecnoCampus, XPCAT, the EU SME Center, and China-SME Helpdesk, and with the support of ACTION as internationalization support agents, we presented a webinar on how to enter. in the Chinese market. The role of agents, distributors, importers and business partners has been discussed in the different B2B and B2C sales channels and models; where to find lists of agents, distributors, the role of trade associations, industry associations, chambers of commerce, the role of trade fairs and what is the most appropriate method to approach partners. It has also been explained what to do and what not to do when addressing this market as well as the protection of intellectual property.

  • Presentation of the Japanese market

    On Thursday, June 3, 2021, the TecnoCampus, with the help of XPCAT and the EU Japan Center for industrial cooperation, presented a free Webinar to learn the first steps on how to do business in Japan. In this event, we were able to learn about the main tools to learn how to export to one of the most powerful countries on the Asian continent, and one of the most important world powers. With the help of the expert in the Japanese market from the EU Japan Centre, we were able to have access to what are the main sectors in Japan and what opportunities they present for companies in the territory.

  • Linkedin as an international positioning tool

    From the hand of Gemma Mompart, Linkedin specialist and Personal Brand Mentor, on May 5, 2021 we learned how in a globalized world, Linkedin can help companies as it acts as a key international positioning tool that can open doors when starting exports and sales abroad. Linkedin, the professional network for the most powerful business in the world. The keys to understanding what social selling is and how to approach it for success have been discussed, how to communicate with impact from the personal brand and from the corporate brand on Linkedin; Finding the Right People to Build a Quality Network of Contacts: Some Tricks You May Not Know About As well as the 3 essential tools to gain international visibility on Linkedin and how to measure your Linkedin success with the Social Selling Index (SSI).

  • Presentation of Opportunities in the Health Sector in the Netherlands

    On April 21, 2021, TecnoCampus Health and the Dutch Technology Park Brightlands Maastricht Health Campus have organized the opportunity presentation event in the Netherlands for companies in the health sector. The event consisted of presentations from both health sector ecosystems, as well as different institutions from both countries. We also had the presentation of an expert in European financing, Arantza Giner, who spoke about the possibilities of participating in H2020 and HE projects and finally a business pitch was held where 3 health companies from each ecosystem presented their projects; under the coordination of Ferran Huidobro Casamitjana: International Project Manager of the TecnoCampus.

  • How can documentary credit help you in today's environment?

    On November 26, 2020, TecnoCampus and its partner Banco Sabadell presented the Webinar on Documentary Credits. In this session the aim has been to help entrepreneurs find solutions to boost their business, both through exports and other avenues in the current situation in which we find ourselves. As you know, TecnoCampus and Banco Sabadell regularly co-organize, in the framework of the Go Global program and the agreement signed between the two entities, different sessions to help local businessmen and women to find solutions that will help them grow their business. as well as students interested in learning more about International Trade. 

  • International Networking University Entrepreneurs with Chile

    This 2020, despite the pandemic, the TecnoCampus is not stopping its international activity. on October 22, 2020 a virtual international network has been carried out with university entrepreneurs from the TecnoCampus and the University of Concepción (Chile). This event is part of the context of the entrepreneurship days organized by the CIDERE BIO-BIO business association and which has had a great media impact in the country, for being a pioneering event in international entrepreneurial networking. TecnoCampus experts have been able to give feedback to local and Chilean entrepreneurial projects in the following fields: entrepreneurship: Antònia González; financing: Yolanda Fernández; internationalization: Ferran Huidobro Casamitjana.

  • Google My Business

    On February 25, 2020, a session was organized for the companies of the TecnoCampus and also of the companies of the Maresme territory, although by extension also open to companies from all over the territory in order to present the tool to them of Digital Marketing Google My Business. A tool that is basic nowadays to be able to appear in any quick search through the internet. The event was organized face-to-face as it was before the covid-19 pandemic.

  • Meet with the ACTION field offices

    On November 21, 2019, interviews were conducted with the directors of the ACCIÓ offices in Brussels, London and Milan. TecnoCampus, led by ACCIÓ, organized these personalized interviews with international market experts for people who want to know if they can grow or enter these markets. 

  • INCOTERMS 2020, a good time to review and know the main changes

    On November 12, 2019, the Webinar on Incoterms 2020 was presented. It covered key issues such as which is the most suitable Incoterm for your product; and also the most suitable depending on the agreed transport and insurance. TecnoCampus, from the hand of your partner Banc Sabadell, organized this information session where the news related to the new Incoterms 2020 that come into force on January 1, 2020 was discussed.

  • How will Brexit affect my company?

    After hearing about the UK’s exit from the European Union, many doubts arose about what would happen to many companies. TecnoCampus, led by the Technical Office of Barriers to Internationalization of ACCIÓ, held a practical and dynamic session on October 9, 2019 that helped them design their contingency plan.

  • Cuban market

    On September 27, 2018 the Cuban market was introducedwhich is in the spotlight of investors and presents great opportunities business par excellence in the tourism and hospitality sector. There are also very good prospects for the packaging sectors, as well as agri-food and food technology, among others.

  • German market

    On March 14, 2018, a session was held on how to successfully export to the German market, in which thirty companies from the business park and the territory participated. 

  • French market

    On November 30, 2017, a session was held on the French market. This is full of possibilities for the companies of the territory; in particular, for those that provide solutions with a high technological content or with great added value.

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