The TecnoCampus Mataró-Maresme Foundation is the public entity in charge of managing the TecnoCampus technology and university park. Promoted by Mataró City Council, it is a private law foundation with a vocation for public service in education and business development. 

The highest governing body of the Foundation is the board of trustees, where public administrations, Pompeu Fabra University, business and trade union organizations and representatives of civil society are represented. In this sense, the Foundation is inspired by a quadruple helix model:


The genesis of the TecnoCampus can be traced back to the year 1982, with the creation of the Mataró Polytechnic University School, from the already consolidated Municipal Institute of Professional Training Miquel Biada. This university engineering center was the result of the push of the Mataró City Council and the industrial fabric itself at a time when Mataró was a town strongly focused on industrial activity and one of the most dynamic cities in the country in company creation A few years later, in 1994, the Maresme University School (EUM) was created by the Maresme Regional Council, affiliated to Pompeu Fabra University. 

In 1999, Mataró City Council launched the Master Plan for the Information Society, which defines the TecnoCampus concept, which was launched in 2010 in the city's new expansion area, in El Rengle, on the seafront. 

Since 2010, the university offer of the Tecnocampus has been expanded, with studies in the fields of engineering, video games, audiovisual, business management, marketing, logistics, tourism, nursing, activity physics and sport, physiotherapy or nutrition, which have allowed the number of 3.500 students to exceed. The 19 degrees and double degrees that can be taken are complemented by postgraduate and master's studies, with the seal of Pompeu Fabra University, to which the TecnoCampus university center is affiliated.  

The technology park offers the regional business network a window to internationalisation, financing and growth services, this is specifically relevant to the more than one hundred companies based at the park.