The research group Narratives of Resistance (NardeRes) was created out of the common aims of its members to address current media phenomena from a holistic point of view, which is based on the theoretical foundations of perspectives such as Cultural Studies, Audience Studies, critical theory, narrative and structuralist semiotics, social constructivism, Game Studies and Gender Studies.

The group, made up of academics and media professionals, aims to investigate the messages, representations and media practices of the so-called media life of today's society, not only to analyze those that respond to hegemonic discourses, but, above all, to highlight those who oppose it: the minority, the marginal, the resistant.

The areas of activity of the group are, therefore, various and varied, and combine academic and practical perspective, basic and applied research, quantitative and qualitative methodologies: social communication, documentary cinema, fantasy cinema, serial fiction, interactive narrative and ludo-fiction, social media, journalism, democracy and technology, film margins and migration, cross-media production, cultural resistance, musical audiovisual, cultural audiovisual, cultural minorities.

Areas of research

The lines of research will be organized in relation to three main axes, despite having cross-cutting themes and interests:

1) Narratives of the real:

               a) Representations of the work in the documentary images

               b) Geographies of communication, conflict and audiovisual migrations

               c) Cultural Practices and Industries

2) Fictional narratives

               a) Study of social representations (of gender, age, etc.) in the audiovisual and interactive

               b) Analysis of audiovisual and interactive fiction narratives

               c) Film and television narratives

3) Media and culture

               a) Cultural resistance

               b) Media, technology and culture

               c) Hearing and reception studies

Group members

Eloi Aymerich Casas

Soliña Barreiro González



Ana Aitana Fernández Moreno

Elena Gabriela Fraj Herrando

Carlota Frisón Fernández

Maria Fernanda Luna Rassa

Cloe Masotta Lijtmaer

Joan Jordi Miralles Broto

Jorge Oter Gonzalez

Aina Fernandez Aragonés

Scientific production


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