The #SomHackathon was successfully held on the 16th, 17th and 18th of February. Thank you very much for participating!

These are the highlights of the TecnoCampus #SomHackathon 2024!

What is a #SomHackathon?

The #SomHackathon is a creative and training event in which, during an intense weekend, you will live an entrepreneurial experience working with multidisciplinary teams in order to propose solutions to a challenge posed by the organizers.  

The 16th edition of the #SomHackathon will take place on February 17, 18 and 2024, 7. An annual event organized by TecnoCampus, the City Council and Som Mobilitat, which invites students for a weekend to solve a different challenge each year.  

This activity is open to students from all over Catalonia and offers a total amount of 3000 euros in prizes for the winning participants. 

General data

Day and hour

February 16 from 19:00 to 23:00 (includes dinner)

February 17 from 8:00 to 23:00 (meals included). Optionally, you can spend the night in the facilities, sleeping and/or working. The building will be closed from 23:00 p.m. to 8:00 a.m. on Sunday.

February 18 from 8:00 a.m. to 14:30 p.m. (breakfast included) 


TecnoCampus Congress Center (Foyer), TCM2 Building.


Profile of the participants

All students who have registered for the 2023-2024 academic year as:

  • University student
  • Higher degree student.
  • Secondary education student.
  • High school student

All participants must be over 16 years old on the day the #SomHackathon starts.

Categories of participation

  • University team or higher education cycle. 
  • Intermediate or high school education cycle team.

Take part in the #SomHackathon!

Registration will be done individually, indicating the name of the team you want to be a part of (if you don't have one, a group will be assigned on the first day) and to which category you belong. It will be the organization that will make the final groups on the first day of competition, with a maximum of 5 people per team.

This year's challenge is:


"Reimagining Intelligent Tourism"


Promote a quality tourism model for the city of Mataró, based on the cultural-natural-social heritage, which is able to balance and maximize the collaboration, co-benefit and co-satisfaction of both visitors and residents  

In line with the model of the "Intelligent Tourist Destination" program promoted by the Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Tourism, the #SomHackathon2024 is conceived as an unbeatable opportunity to design technological, innovative and sustainable solutions that facilitate the revaluation of the destination, promoting its competitiveness, a better use of its natural and cultural attractions, improvement in the efficiency and sustainability of services, universal accessibility and information and communication technologies, in its three aspects, economic, socio-cultural and environmental, linking the improvement of the visitors' stay and the quality of life of the residents.


If the juries have a positive verdict in each case, the following prizes will be awarded: 

Prize in the category of university teams or higher education cycle:

2.000 euros to be distributed among the team members and direct access to the TecnoCampus pre-incubation program. 

Prize in the category of middle school or high school training cycle teams:

1.000 euros to be distributed among the members of the team. 

*Compulsory attendance on the three days of the #SomHackathon is an essential requirement to receive the prize.

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Any questions you can contact us through

16, 17 and 18 February 2024. Start on Friday 16 at 19pm. 

All students who have registered for the 2023-2024 academic year as:

- University student.

- Higher education student.

- Secondary education student.

- High school student.

All participants must be over 16 years old on the day the #SomHackathon starts. 

The registration period will be from January 8, 2024 to February 9, 2024. You will need to fill out the application on the #SomHackathon website.


Do not you worry! Our team will accompany you during the hackathon, and there will also be food and drinks. If you wish, you can also stay over on Saturday night. Bring your sack! This is a learning experience and, above all, an opportunity to have fun.  

You can create a website, a mobile application, software, everything is on the table. Projects will be evaluated on the basis of creativity, technical difficulty, and usefulness by a group of experts.


Laptops, chargers, telephone,… everything you think can be useful to you to develop the project. Remember that if you stay asleep you can bring what you need, and especially the sleeping bag. 


Yes. You will see that you have to register individually and specify the name of your team. But if you do not have a group problem, in the registration process select the option "I do not have a team" and the same Friday afternoon the organization will coordinate the groups of participants without a group. 


Part of the fun of a hackathon is meeting new people. When you register and depending on your knowledge and skills we can form teams.


The #SomHackathon TecnoCampus is a free event for all registered participants. We will provide WiFi, meals, advice, workshops and workspace. 


If you have any questions, you can contact us through:

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