What is a Som Hackathon?

The SOM Hackathon is a challenge, a creative and training event in which, during an intense weekend, you will live an entrepreneurial experience working with multidisciplinary teams. 

The 1th edition of the somHackathon will take place at TecnoCampus on April 2st, 3nd and 6rd. An annual event organized by TecnoCampus, the City Council and somMobilitat that brings together high school, baccalaureate, university and training program programmers for a weekend to solve a different challenge each year. 

This year's edition will focus on the challenges of the circular economy. It will consist of building transformative technological solutions that help to migrate towards a model of sustainable growth over time, drive the optimization of resources, reduce the consumption of raw materials and recover waste. 

This hackathon is open to students from all over Catalonia and offers a total amount of 3000 euros in prizes for the winning participants. 


This year's challenge is:

Highlight the circular economy by building transformative technological solutions that help migrate towards a model of sustainable growth over time, driving resource optimization, reducing raw material consumption and recovering waste.

General data

Day and hour

April 1, 2022 through April 3, 14 p.m.


At the TecnoCampus Congress Center (Foyer).


What is the circular economy? 

The circular economy is a new model of production and consumption that ensures sustainable growth over time. With the circular economy, we can drive resource optimization, reduce the consumption of raw materials and recover waste by recycling it or giving it a second life as a new product. 


The 3 principles of the circular economy:

The 3 principles of the circular economy

Preserve and improve natural capital 

In nature, there is no concept of waste; everything is cyclical. All major natural cycles (carbon, oxygen, nitrogen, water, etc.) work in closed loops with little or no loss of resources during their cycle. The circular economy aims to imitate these natural cycles, creating an economic model that actively protects, supports and improves our environment. 

Optimize the use of resources 

On a planet with finite resources, the products and materials we build from what we extract must stay in the economy for as long as possible. We can design some products and components so that they can be reused, repaired and remanufactured. 

Encourage system efficiency 

This principle deals with numerous actors working together to create effective flows of materials and information.  

In the man-made system, the changes we make can have unexpected and often unpredictable effects. All in all, the circular economy is guided by the natural system that seems to have been operating efficiently for thousands of years. 


The aim of the circular economy is to generate a new production process that will allow less energy and virgin resources to be consumed, while reducing the production of waste and scrap. 

The circular economy makes it possible to generate a paradigm shift in business processes, going from a linear to a circular cycle, from throwing waste away to being revalued, from an unsustainable model to a sustainable model over time. 

Provide consumers with more durable and innovative products, reducing scheduled obsolescence and adapting products to the "real" needs of consumers.

Several crucial commodities are finite, and as the world's population grows, so does demand.

Take part in the Som Hackathon!

A Hackathon is a creative and training event where young students from different fields of knowledge come together to tackle together and organized in multidisciplinary teams a challenge posed by the organization that can be specified in the design of one or more technology projects, an application or a website. 

Why ARE WE? 

The TecnoCampus Som Hackathon is an initiative of the social and solidarity economy ecosystem and the consumer cooperative movement that is transforming the most strategic sectors of our society (energy, telecommunications and mobility).


For whom? 

     TecnoCampus students

  The teams will be made up mostly of engineering and video game students. Each team can be incorporated  a student of other degrees: marketing and digital communities, Tourism, Audiovisual Media,  Business Administration and also the degrees of the School of Health Sciences.

     TecnoCampus students will be able to recognize 2 RAC credits.

     2nd year high school science and technology students

     Preferably with knowledge of programming, interface design, web and video game design.

     CFGS students from all over Catalonia

     Cross-platform application development

     Web application development

     Networked computer systems administration

     University students

     With knowledge of programming, interface design, web and video game design


First prize

Prize of 2.000 euros to be distributed among the members of the team and direct access to the pre-incubation program of TecnoCampus.

Mention for high school teams

Prize of 1.000 euros to be distributed among the members of the team.

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

The next edition will take place on April 1, 2 and 3, 2022.

Students from TecnoCampus university centers and from all over Catalonia, 2nd year high school students, and CFGS students from various branches  knowledge: cross-platform application development, web application development, networked computer systems administration, microcomputer systems and networks.

Do not you worry!. Our team will accompany you during the hackaton, and there will also be both food and drinks. If you wish, you can also stay overnight on Friday and Saturday  at night. Bring your bag!  This is a learning experience and, above all, an opportunity to have fun. [For reasons covid-19 there may be changes in both the access protocol and the different activities].

You can create a website, a mobile application, software, everything is on the table. Projects will be evaluated on the basis of creativity, technical difficulty, and usefulness by a group of experts.

Yes. You will see that you have to register individually and specify the name of your team. But if you do not have a group problem, in the registration process select the option "I do not have a team" and the same Friday afternoon the organization will coordinate the groups of participants without a group.

Part of the fun of a hackathon is meeting new people. When you register and depending on your knowledge and skills we can form teams.

Laptops, chargers, telephone,… everything you think can be useful to you to develop the project. Remember that if you stay asleep you can bring what you need, and especially the sleeping bag.

The Som Hackathon TecnoCampus is a free event for all registered participants. We will provide you with WiFi, meals, advice, workshops and a workspace.

Previous editions

Previous editions of the Som Hackathon

Check out the past editions of the Som Hackathon that took place during the years 2017, 2018 and 2019.


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One of the three pillars of the TecnoCampus educational model is entrepreneurship, in order to add and create entrepreneurial talent. Entrepreneurship skills are one of the hallmarks of a park where graduates in business, technology and health come together. A unique fact in the country.



City of Mataró

Mataró City Council, from the Cafè de Mar facility, promotes the social, cooperative, solidarity and collaborative economy, helping to launch projects that value its social return. The Cafè de Mar is a catalyst for projects and the space from which to foster mutual knowledge, the establishment of synergies and collaborative work between the social economy entities of the territory. Through actions of promotion and advice, training, accommodation, and with projects such as the Business Incubator, the Launcher of social economy projects, Cafè de Mar becomes the nerve center of the social and cooperative economy in Mataró.



SOM mobility

Consumer cooperative that works for + sustainable mobility that offers electric and shared mobility services. Som Mobilitat was born within the SOM consumer cooperative ecosystem following in the footsteps of Som Energia and Som Connexió.