Reimagine Textile Entrepreneurship Program

It is a high performance program and support in the process of transforming business ideas in the sector textile and fashion in real business projects, which is subsidized by the TecnoCampus Foundation, the Barcelona Provincial Council, the Generalitat de Catalunya and the European Social Fund. 


If you are an entrepreneur or a start-up in the initial phase of the textile and fashion sector, this program interests you! 


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This program is aimed at entrepreneurs or start-ups (up to 5 years old) of the textile sector who bet on the innovation, sustainability or circularity as a competitive advantage in your business model.

We will select projects that incorporate smart, functional and sustainable fabrics, eco design, wearables, innovative materials, textile circular economy, process digitization, 3D printing, disruptive brands or other innovative elements for the textile industry. 

The team must have at least one full-time person dedicated to the project.  

See the bases of participation. If you have any questions you can write in the mail:


Textile Reimagine Program 2022

Start: June 9th

1st PHASE: June-November 2022 (except August), Thursdays from 10 am to 13 pm

PHASE 2: January-May 2023


Registrations for the high-performance program closed on May 14th.

The Tecnocampus, EURECAT and the Mataró City Council with the support of ASEGEMA convene the 2nd edition Reimagine Textile Awards with the aim of promoting and supporting new business initiatives in the field of sustainability, technology and innovation in the textile sector.

These awards are aimed at entrepreneurs or startups in the textile sector with an innovative and environmentally friendly value proposition.

Categories and awards:
  • To the best sustainable proposal or circular economy
  • At the best proposal with functional textiles
  • To the best digital business proposal.

€ 3.000 cash prize, and various discounts, bonuses, free access to resources and facilities to boost your business. 

More information and registration for the awards

What is Reimagine Textile?

With the support of the PECT Territorial Specialization and Competitiveness Plan and the Barcelona Provincial Council, a portfolio of 360⁰ services has been deployed in three directions: support for textile innovation entrepreneurship to bring out talent, start-up incubation -ups to foster the success of new value propositions and corporate acceleration to transform the industry.

What do we offer you?

Knowledge transfer in textile entrepreneurship, technological and innovation orientation, link with the textile production sector of Catalonia, support to the market, business ecosystem Reimagine Textile, access to the incubator, fabLab, sample workshop, shooting area, important events in the sector , financing, advertising.

The program consists of 2 phases:

Maximum 15 participants in PHASE 1, of which a maximum of 5 will be able to move on to PHASE 2.

Participants will work on the different elements of the Business Model and which consists of both group and individual sessions taught by mentors and experts specializing in the sector, business strategy and innovation and technology. technical data sheets and the connection with the textile productive fabric of the territory helping you to find the right suppliers and the preparation of the sample

  • You will turn the business idea into a clear value proposition, discovering the market and its reaction to the value proposition. You will approach the business model with the Canvas methodology.
  • They will help you prepare the product strategy and collection development; and to define the plan of operations.
  • You will define marketing and sales strategies; and we will teach you sales techniques.
  • You will validate the economic and financial viability as well as the product quality standards.
  • You will discover possible technological and innovation opportunities.
  • You will learn about the experiences of entrepreneurs in the sector who have brought their innovative ideas to market.
  • You will learn how to create professional data sheets and a viable and consistent collection chart.
  • We will facilitate the connection with the textile productive fabric of the territory to find the right suppliers.
  • You will learn how to create a story for your brand and present it. 
  • Access to the fablab facilities, atelier, shooting area and co-working area.
  • Connection with the entrepreneurial ecosystem Reimagine Textile.


At the end of the first phase, the entrepreneurs will present their value proposition and an evaluation committee will select the five finalist projects, which will enter the second phase of the program.

In this phase, we will accompany you from custom shape in the launch with: 

  • Expert advice from professionals specializing in textile design and fashion.
  • Support in the search for funding, grants, competitions, partners, etc.
  • Guidance in the registration of patents and trademarks.
  • Support for promotion and presence in the media at local and national level.

Throughout the program, participants will have a free space to use in the TecnoCampus to work on the project. They will also become part of the entrepreneurial ecosystem Reimagine Textile with access to the FabLab, workshop and shooting area.

Information sessions on the high-performance program Reimagine Textile 2022

2 Infodays were held: 

  • March 22, 2022 from 12 to 13 p.m.
  • April 5, 2022 from 15 to 16 p.m.

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