The day "The value of engineering in industry 4.0" raises the debate on the following questions: 

  • Industry and engineering in the economic and social development of Catalonia and the European Union, making special mention of the textile sector.

  • The role of new engineers to respond to the challenges posed by industry 4.0.

  • The TecnoCampus as a center driving 4.0 engineering and supporting companies in the adoption of Industry 4.0 technologies and principles.

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Day and time:

Friday 2 of December of 2022, from the 9h until 13: 30h 

Addresses to

Entrepreneurs and HR managers of companies in the territory.

Technology education professionals.

Engineering and IT students.



Technical Engineer in Industrial Electronics from the EUPMT (1999), Engineer in Electronics from the UPC (2001) and PhD in Robotics (2011) from the University of Bremen (Germany), where I was from 2003 to 2009. In 2009 I entered at the Robotics Innovation Center of the DFKI (in Bremen) where I led different research groups for a decade.

My research work has always been linked to the control of robots of great physical complexity in unstructured and dynamic environments for different applications (space, underwater, and above all, for the collaborative and intelligent robotics of the factories of the future ). I am co-author of more than 50 scientific publications and have led different applied research projects (German Ministries of Research / Economy, German Space Agency), European (EU, European Space Agency) or technology transfer projects to companies (Airbus, Volkswagen) for a total volume of more than €20 M. I am currently a member of the DFKI Strategy Board and the Project Procurement Office.


Industrial Engineer by the UPC, PhD in technological innovation in product and process engineering projects by the UdG-UJI-UPC, postgraduate in Business Growth in Industrial SMEs by the IESE and Master in Business Innovation Management by the UCM , with almost more than 25 years of experience working in product and process innovation, first in different positions in the industry (since 2002 in managerial positions) and since 2007 at Novatec Advisors, where he is managing partner, as an advisor external both from the more technological side and from the business side. 

Accredited advisor of ACCIO in the areas of Business Strategy, Innovation Management, Technological Development, Concept and design of new products, Industry 4.0, and of the Ministry of Industry in the areas of Strategic Planning, Operations Management, innovation, Knowledge Management, Technical Creativity, Entrepreneurship and Business Creation. 

He has participated as an advisor in several public programs for SMEs for the promotion of innovation, and the structuring and management of the process of generating new products and services, as well as programs for the implementation of business growth strategies (ACCIO, ICEC, Ministerio of Industry,...), and since 2017 at Novatec Advisors he has provided individualized advice and definitions of Technological Innovation Action Plans for Digital Transformation in companies of all types and sectors (micro SMEs, SMEs,...) and through different public and/or sectoral programs (ACCIO – Industry 4.0 Coupons, FEDEQUIM – Digital Transformation and Industry 4.0 Program, MetalVallès 4.0 – Business advice in Industry 4.0, Rubí, Castellar del Vallès,...). 

Since 2007, he has been director of the Master's Degree in Industrial Business Management at the Autonomous University of Barcelona, ​​as well as a professor of Innovation project management in the Project Management IL3 master's degree at the University of Barcelona. Member of the International Association of Innovation Management Professionals ISPIM. 



9:00 Accreditation of attendees


In charge of the Il·lm. Mr. David Bote, mayor of Mataró. 

"The role of engineering in the competitive capacity of the country's economy, in the new framework of Industry 4.0" 

In charge of Mr. José de Gea, researcher at the German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence (DFKI). 


"Challenges and opportunities offered by Industry 4.0 to Catalan companies" 

In charge of Mr. Xavier Gallardo, managing partner of Novatec Advisors. 


10:30 a.m. Coffee / networking break


Moderated by: Mr. Joan Triadó, coordinator of the Industrial studies of the Technology department of the TecnoCampus. 


  • Mr. Chus Baquero, general manager of Multivac Production Spain, who will provide the point of view of a multinational company in Catalonia. 


  • Mr. Josep Moré and Pruna, general manager of Hidrocolor, vice-president of the National Confederation of the Textile Industry TEXFOR, who will provide the point of view of a local SME. 


  • Mr. Joan Mora Bosch, CEO of Kriter Software, who will provide the point of view of a software development and IT consulting company. Internal and customer challenges. 


Moderated by: Mr. Alfonso Palacios, coordinator of Informatics studies, of the Technology department of the TecnoCampus. 


  • Mrs. Dolors Castro Notary, coordinator of professional education (FP). Actions to improve HR for Industry 4.0 and main data (VET, dual training, university training, continuing training). 


  • Mr. Joseph Centelles, from the College of Graduate Engineers and Technical Engineers of Barcelona, ​​who will explain the evolution of the engineer in the company and the functions he performs. 


  • Mr. Peter Homs, general manager at Enginyers Industrials de Catalunya, who will present the engineer's technical curriculum and his update.  


  • Mr. Julian Horrillo, director of the Technology department. Use of 4.0 technologies and competence needs in companies. Support initiatives from the TecnoCampus: Research awards, Continuous training through the HUB4T. Transfer studies and projects from the Chair of Circular Economy and Sustainability. 


In charge of Mr. Josep Lluís Checa, general director of the TecnoCampus Foundation.


13:30 pm End of the event    

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