ThinkIn 3D Mataró is the additive manufacturing accelerator of the TecnoCampus.

The accelerator aims to promote the technological adoption of 3D printing as a vector of competitiveness and innovation for start-ups, micro-SMEs and SMEs through a differential manufacturing and revitalization environment where you can experiment, test and develop new products, solutions and business models.​

With a T-Shape approach, ThinkIn 3D Mataró combines a health vertical with horizontal solutions to respond to other sectors of the industry.

This project has been promoted by the TecnoCampus Foundation and co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund, within the framework of Spain's Multiregional Operational Program (FEDER 2014-2020) and Mataró City Council. It currently receives the support of Diputació de Barcelona. 


Are you a company and are you considering incorporating 3D printing into your business?

From ThinkIn 3D Mataró we can accompany you in this process so that you choose the right materials and technology, minimizing the cost and the risk of making a mistake. We will also help you assess the business impact of applying this technology to your company. You can ask for a completely free first consultation in order to orientate yourself at 


We offer the following programs that are partially subsidized. 

ThinkIn 3D programs

  • Technological and business accelerator

    Disruptive 70h, incremental 50h or personalized programs according to needs. 

    It is aimed at companies, mainly in the industrial sector or services linked to industry, that want to integrate additive manufacturing technology as an element of competitiveness, innovation and sustainability.

  • Technological services of additive manufacturing and prototyping

    Additive manufacturing technological service 25h, prototyping service 10h and other general services tailored according to needs. 

    It is aimed at companies, mainly in the industrial sector or services linked to industry, that want to experiment with the use of additive manufacturing technology based on a project, a challenge or a specific need. 

  • Technological transfer of additive manufacturing

    • Personalized advice and support
    • Expert consultancy in 3D printing
    • Specialized design
    • Prototyping
    • Small productions
    • Post-processing service
    • scanned

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Program for which you request more information
Boost the scaling of start-ups with the intensive use of additive manufacturing technology and facilitate the creation of companies for entrepreneurs who base their business idea on this technology
Increase the levels of competitiveness and differentiation of micro-SMEs and SMEs through the possibilities offered by the use of additive manufacturing
Make available to companies a support service for technological adoption in additive manufacturing for experimentation and the adoption of technology.

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