Vocational training


General information

Students from CFGS (Higher Education) can enter the university without having to take any test. Their grade is the average obtained from the qualification of higher education. This grade is valid indefinitely and must be between 5 and 10 points.
Students from a CFGS may apply at the specific stage to improve their grade. The only requirements are that the subject has been passed with a minimum grade of 5 and that it is linked to the branch of knowledge of the studies to be accessed.
The exam is the same as for high school students. See the Weighting Chart.

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Calls and registration for the specific phase

Students have two calls per year to take the tests for the specific phase, and they can examine a maximum of three subjects per call.

Applications are ordered by the entrance mark (the qualification of the studies taken to obtain the degree, which can reach a maximum of 10) or by the weighted admission mark (which is the one that incorporates the two best grades, once weighted, of the subjects passed in the specific phase).

CFGS Credit Recognitions:

Our degrees recognize CFGS subjects and incorporate them into the student's academic record. The subjects are incorporated with the qualification of "recognized", which counts for the purpose of passing the subject, but does not count for the purpose of grading the academic transcript.

See the list of degrees that recognize CFGS subjects


Test and pre-registration calendar

Consult the calendar and schedule of the PAUs
Check the university pre-registration calendar