Older than 25


General information

People over the age of 25 can enter the university by passing the university entrance exams for those over the age of 25. These tests are common to all universities in Catalonia.


Candidates who meet the following requirements may take the university entrance exams for those over 25 years of age:

- Be 25 years old or older in the calendar year in which you take the test.
- Not having passed the PAU (or equivalent).
- Not be in possession of a higher education qualification in vocational training, plastic arts and design, or sports (or equivalent).
- Not have a university degree.

Test structure

The exercises of text commentary, Catalan language and Spanish language are the same in the test for people over 25 years old and in the test for people over 45 years old. Therefore, if you take the two entrance exams, you will take a single text comment exam, a single one for Catalan and a single one for Spanish.

The test is structured in two phases: 

  • General phase
  • Specific phase

More foods iinformation.

Calls and registration

Access tests are convened once a year. Each candidate has an unlimited number of calls to pass them. Once the tests have been passed, the grade obtained has indefinite validity.
Once the entrance tests have been passed, the candidates who meet the requirements will be able to reappear in subsequent calls to improve the qualification obtained. The university will take into account the highest grade obtained in the different calls.
You can consult the deadline for formalizing the registration for the tests for those over 25, for all Catalan universities via the Internet, at https://accesuniversitat.gencat.cat


Test and pre-registration calendar

See the personalised test schedule and schedule