Access for over 40s


People over the age of 40 who accredit work and professional experience in relation to an official undergraduate university education and who do not have the qualifications to access university through other channels, may apply for this access.

In this way, it will be possible to access those degree studies that offer this type of access.


Offer of TecnoCampus studies:

Check the offer of TecnoCampus studies for the 2024/2025 academic year link.


All people who meet the following requirements can access this channel:

a) To be 40 years old in the year in which access to the university is requested.
b) Not to have any academic qualifications that enable them to access the university through other means of access.
c) Accredit work or professional experience related to the undergraduate university education for which access is requested.


Pre-registration period:

Candidates wishing to access the TecnoCampus must formalize pre-registration at University Access Portal following the directions detailed in the call. They must indicate the degree teaching they want to access. It can only be requested a single center of study.


Following the request for access to the University Access Portal:

There will be two different phases:

Phase 1. Assessment of the accredited experience (based on the information and documentation submitted by the candidate when formalising the registration). This phase will be eliminatory and people who pass it will be given a personal interview.

Phase 2. Personal interview.


Publication of results:

Phase 1. TecnoCampus will publish in this section of the website the result of Phase 1, and will contact the candidates who go on to Phase 2 to specify the date and time for the interview.

You can consult the resolution of Phase 1:

  • English version
  • Spanish version

Phase 2. TecnoCampus will publish the result of Phase 2 in this section of the website.

You can consult the resolution of Phase 2 in the following link.

It should be remembered that overcoming the access process does not automatically award a place. It will be necessary to consult the allocation of university pre-registration places at University Access Portal.



You can consult the structure of the process of assessment of professional or work experience in the Regulations for admission to the university through the accreditation of work or professional experience.