Access for over 45s


Access for over 45s


General information

People over the age of 45 can enter the university by passing the university entrance exams for those over the age of 45. These tests are common to all universities in Catalonia.
They can also simultaneously take the entrance exams for those over 25 years of age.
The exercises of text commentary, Catalan language and Spanish language are the same in the test for people over 25 years old and in the test for people over 45 years old.



  • Not to have any academic degree that qualifies for access to the university through other channels.
  • Be 45 or older in the calendar year in which you will take the test.


Test structure

a) General part: Text commentary, Catalan language and Spanish language.
Once this general part has been passed it will not expire.

b) Personal interview: people who have passed the general phase can request the personal interview. The interview can only be requested for any one degree, centre and university. This university does not have to be the same one in which the general part of the test has been taken. The academic management of the centre which runs the degree for which the interview has been requested will contact the interested parties to inform them of the date and time of the interview. The interview will deem the candidate as suitable or unfit, with suitable being a pass. The interview grade is only valid for the year in which it is conducted.

More information


Admission note

To pass the test the qualification of each exercise must be equal or superior to 4, and that the arithmetic average of the three exercises is equal or superior to 5. In addition, it is necessary that the candidate is deemed suitable in the personal interview.


Calls and registration

Access tests for those over 45 are called once a year. Each candidate has an unlimited number of calls to pass them. Once the entrance test has been passed, candidates can reappear in subsequent calls to improve their qualification.

For access to those over 45 years of age, 1% of the places in each degree are reserved.
You can formalize the registration and consult the results of these tests in:


Test and registration calendar

See the personalised test schedule and schedule


Academic year 2024/2025

If there are applications, the evaluation of the 2nd PHASE (interview) will be published in this section of the website. 


You can consult the assessment of the 2nd PHASE:

  • Catalan version 
  • Spanish version