TecnoCampus is one of the few state-run colleges to offer seven official certifications to complement technology studies through online training programs.



All these programs represent an opportunity for any student to obtain new technical knowledge of a professional nature that, without a doubt, is an important curricular stimulus in my professional profile.


During the years of study of the degree, in the TecnoCampus, certified professors of the programs will allow you to have access to all the courses of the different platforms.

How can I take advantage of these training programs?

The TecnoCampus is one of the few university centers to have 7 accreditations like these. This means that at TecnoCampus you have a teacher certified by the 7 brands to act as a tutor and accompany you in your training in these programs.

During your training at TecnoCampus, tutors will be able to create the courses you want to access. Only for undergraduate students at TecnoCampus, in the area of ​​Engineering and Technology but also in the area of ​​Business or Health.

This means opening up a lot of new possibilities to complement your regulated training, as you not only have access to the courses of the main manufacturers but you also have an accredited teacher who can accompany you during the process.


Certifications that we put at your disposal

  • Cisco Networking Academy

    The Cisco Networking Academy is a mountain-based online learning platform led by Cisco Systems in which there are different online courses that run by subscription, on networking, IoT (Internet of Things), Linux, and Security.

    Reference program with more than 25 years of history. Courses in the fields of connectivity and networking, programming, cybersecurity, the Internet of Things, automation and entrepreneurship.



  • Huawei's IT Academy

    Program in the multiple product lines of the Chinese manufacturer. From connectivity, cybersecurity, wireless communications, storage systems, and cloud solutions

    Huawei's IT Academy portal has more than 250 online courses: MOOCs, micro-courses, Exams, at all levels.



  • Oracle Academy

    Reference program in database management systems, where you have the training for the deployment of solutions based on the platforms of this reference manufacturer.



  • Red Hat

    Official program for configuring and automating operating system environments. With solutions based on containers and automated and cluster deployments.



  • Microtik Academy

    Training program for the configuration and deployment tools of this manufacturer of operator interconnection solutions (or for more home solutions) based on their own architectures based on X86 environments. Includes traffic engineering solutions for infrastructure optimization.



  • Cloudera

    Training program in cloud solutions for the deployment and management of platforms


  • Fortinet

    Reference training program in next generation security solutions.