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When the title arrives at the Academic Management Service, you will receive an email informing you of it

  • To collect the title, you must request an appointment through thee-secretary > Collection of title.
  • The title must be collected personally by the interested person. In application of current state regulations, another person can be authorized to collect your title by means of a power of attorney.
  • Carrying out the survey of graduates: Degree survey

If you have forgotten your password you can recover your credentials through this link. If you have any other problem you can send an email to helpdesk@tecnocampus.cat indicating that you could not through the platform reporting a personal email.

  • Photocopy and original of your DNI or passport for foreigners, valid
  • The title application slip
  • In case of collection with a power of attorney, in addition to the photocopy of the student's ID, the ID of the authorized person and the photocopy and the original of the power of attorney must be presented.



As a matter of priority, the titles must be collected in person at the Centre. However, if you live outside the Province of Barcelona, ​​you can request that your degree be sent to the delegation or sub-delegation of the Spanish Government closest to your home or to the Spanish embassy of the country where you live if you live abroad.


1. You must apply through thee-secretary > Sending the title. At this instance you must attach a copy of your DNI and the application form for your title.

2. Once the request has been accepted, you will be informed at the same instance of the details and date of sending your title, so that you can contact them to find out about their opening hours.


This procedure has an associated fee that is approved for each academic year.

According to current TecnoCampus management fees, consult this one link.


Who's in charge

Academic Management Service

- Business Degrees: Academic management

- Degrees of Health: Academic management

- Degrees of Technology: Academic management

- Degrees in Cultural Industries: Academic management


Regulations and reference documentation

Academic regulations for undergraduate studies