Who can apply

You will be able to self-apply for the degree once all the subjects included in the study plan have been assessed and approved. Your academic record must be in status: closed in title disposition.

If you have already passed all the credits in your curriculum and the file (once the minutes of the current period have been closed) is still open, contact us via thee-secretary > Incidents in the self-application of the degree.


1- By internet Title self-application ("Request your title" menu option)

In case of incidents you can submit an instance through thee-secretary > Incidents in the self-request of the title, giving the maximum detail of this, being advisable to also attach, if possible, screenshots of the message that appears, in order to help us solve it as soon as possible possible

If you have forgotten your password you can recover your credentials through this link. If you have any other problem you can send an email to indicant que no has pogut a través de la plataforma i informant d'un correu electrònic personal.

Documentation: The documentation must be attached to the online application in PDF format:
  • Photocopy of the valid DNI (both sides) or of the valid passport in case of foreigners.
  • Copy of email received once you have completed your study survey. Access here in the survey of your studies.

The cost of this procedure is the one approved in the fee decree in force of the Generalitat de Catalunya, on the date of the request. Payment will be made by bank card at the time of self-application. According to current TecnoCampus management fees, check here link the Price box for the administrative services of the studies.

If you enjoy some type of free or discount and you don't see it when you make the self-application, such as for large families, you will have to request the modification through the e-Secretaria > Incidents in the self-application of the title, indicating the discount to which you are entitled, and attaching the document certifying this (for example, in the case of a large family, it would be the current large family card). Once the incident is resolved, you can return to the self-request to complete the procedure with payment or start it again as the case may be.


Answer you will get

You will be able to check if your application has been validated because in the self-application for the degree you will be able to consult and print the application receipt. If you need this signed receipt, you will need to request it through thee-secretary > Signature request deposit payment title.

When you make this request, if you need the original, you must tell us so at the time, otherwise we will attach the title request slip with a digital signature, valid for electronic delivery.


Response time
  • Title validation: seven working days from the date of payment of the fee.
  • Request for signature of the deposit: seven working days from the date of request.

During enrollment periods, these deadlines may be affected.

  • Official title: approximately two years from the date of validation.


Who's in charge

Academic Management Service

- Business Degrees: Academic management

- Degrees of Health: Academic management

- Degrees in Technology and Degrees in Cultural Industries: Academic management


Regulations and reference documentation

Academic regulations for undergraduate studies