Certificates of attendance


Obtain a certificate of attendance or use of conferences, courses, seminars, etc. organized by the TecnoCampus outside the official studies (degrees, masters or postgraduates)

Who can request it?

Anyone who has reached the minimum attendance required for the day, course, seminar, etc. organized by the TecnoCampus

Documentation to be provided

Not available

Deadline to apply

Once the day, course, seminar, etc. is over. organized by the TMC.


None except in the case of language accreditation which will cost between € 10 and € 30 according to the price catalog.

Answer you will get

Certificate of attendance

Response time

Maximum 30 days

Who's in charge

Center secretaries i Continuing Education 

Regulations and reference documentation

Not available

Where to go

Face-to-face application at the Student Information Point