Processing of the UPF degree


Obtain the official degree / bachelor's degree from the TecnoCampus.

When can I apply?

You will be able to self-apply for the degree once all the subjects included in the degree / master's degree curriculum have been evaluated and approved. Your academic record must be in a state: closed in the form of a degree.  

If you have already passed all the credits in your curriculum and the file (once the minutes of the current period have been closed) is still open, contact us via thee-secretary > Generic application for academic procedures.

Application procedure

In case of incidents you can submit an instance through l'e-Secretary > Incidents in the self-application of the title, giving the maximum detail of the same, being recommended to attach also, if possible, screenshots of the message that appears, in order to help us to solve it as soon as possible possible.

Documentation to be attached

The documentation must be attached to the online application in PDF format:

  • Photocopy of the valid DNI (both sides) or of the valid passport in case of foreigners.
  • Copy of email received once you have completed your study survey.
Access the survey of your studies:

Degree in Business Administration and Innovation Management

Degree in Logistics and Maritime Business

Degree in Marketing and Digital Communities

Degree in Tourism and Leisure Management

Degree in Physical Activity and Sport Sciences

Degree in Nursing

Degree in Physiotherapy

Degree in Industrial and Automated Electronic Engineering

Degree in Computer Engineering for Management and Information Systems

Degree in Mechanical Engineering

Degree in Audiovisual Media

Degree in Video Game Design and Production

Degree in Engineering of Industrial Organisation

Master's Degree in Entrepreneurship and Innovation

Master's Degree in Integrated Care in Chronicity and Aging

Master's Degree in Logistics, Supply Chain and Maritime Business

-Master's Degree in Personal Training and Physical Sports Rehabilitation

Deadline to apply

At any time and once the studies are completed.


According to the current tax decree of the Generalitat de Catalunya. Payment will be made by credit card at the time of self-application.

If you enjoy some kind of free or discount and do not see it when applying for a self-application, such as large family, you must request the change through thee-secretary > Incidents in the self-application for the degree, indicating the discount to which you are entitled, attaching the document accrediting it (for example, in the case of a large family it would be the current large family card). Once the incident has been resolved, you can return to the self-application to complete the procedure with the payment or start it again as the case may be.

Answer you will get

You will be able to check if your application has been validated because in the self-application for the degree you will be able to consult and print the application receipt. If you need this signed receipt, you will need to request it through thee-secretary  > Application for signature of receipt of payment of title. When you make this application, if you need the original, you must indicate this to us in the application form, otherwise we will enclose the application for the digital signature title, valid for electronic delivery.

When the official degree arrives at the Academic Management Service, we will send you an email with the collection instructions. 

Response time
  • Validation of the title: one week from the date of payment of the fee.
  • Application to sign the receipt: one week from the date of application.

During enrollment periods, these deadlines may be affected.

  • Official title: approximately 2 years from the date of validation.
Who's in charge

Academic Management Service

Regulations and reference documentation

Academic regulations for undergraduate studies

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